19 Apr 2018

How to Align Your Stakeholders

Trina Isakson Posted in: B2B, Business, Consulting, Customer Experience, Marketing Strategy, Project Management

You’re in a meeting presenting to your stakeholders, what you thought, was a perfectly formulated delivery plan, when you’re faced with one of these dreaded statements: “Where did you get…?” “Why did/didn’t you…?” “I don’t remember…” “This isn’t correct.” You quickly realize your stakeholders are not all in agreement and any changes could have a real impact to your project. Now, it’s important to get their concerns captured correctly and ensure agreement before moving forward.

1 Feb 2018

6 Ways to Become a Customer-Driven Company

Eric Dukart Posted in: Account-Based Marketing (ABM), B2B, Customer Experience, Customer Journey, Manufacturing

The evolution of technology has radically changed customer expectations, and there’s no going back. So how do you keep up?

15 Jan 2018

4 Expectations of Today’s Customers

Eric Dukart Posted in: B2B, Customer Experience, Digital Experience, Manufacturing, Personalization

B2B. B2C. B2B(2C).The worlds are colliding. The lines are blurring. And the definitions are changing.

11 Oct 2017

The Biggest Mistakes Manufacturers Can Make

Eric Dukart Posted in: B2B, Manufacturing, Marketing

Today buyers are seeking out their own information - and not just from your company.

11 Sep 2017

5 Pillars of Aligning Marketing & Sales

Eric Dukart Posted in: B2B, Marketing, Sales

Marketing. Sales. Dealers. When it comes to manufacturing, there are a lot of different players and a lot of moving parts. But at the end of the day, every experience should feel completely seamless and personalized for your customers.

28 Aug 2017

3 Keys to Smarter Lead Routing in Manufacturing & B2B

Suzy Rokke Posted in: B2B, Lead Routing, Manufacturing, Lead Management Strategy

Want to be more effective with lead routing? Before we dive in, let’s define a couple things so we’re all starting from the same page.

14 Aug 2017

3 Fundamentals for Your Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy:  What Manufacturers Need to Know

Megan Glasow Posted in: B2B, Customer Journey, Go-to-Market Strategy, Manufacturing, Buyer Journey Optimization

A manufacturing revolution is here. It’s disrupting the value chain, from product innovation to customer loyalty. And many are calling it the next Industrial Revolution - one filled with not just technology, but with smarter technology.

2 Aug 2017

Manufacturing & MDM: From Cleaner Data to Better Forecasting

Craig Isakson Posted in: B2B, Data Integration, Data Management, Data Quality, Manufacturing

Different departments use different systems to work with the same or similar information. You may even have purchased other smaller companies and have to shoehorn their systems in to work with yours. All of these types of scenarios create inefficiencies and inaccuracies, which cost your company money. Nobody wants to spend money on wasteful issues like that, right?

17 Jul 2017

The 4 Biggest Challenges for Marketers in B2B & Manufacturing

Eric Dukart Posted in: B2B, Manufacturing, Personalization, Targeted Marketing Programs, Marketing Campaign Attribution

Becoming customer-driven isn’t easy, especially in manufacturing. Marketing teams must define new processes. Learn new technology. Even rethink their roles.

10 Jul 2017

Infographic: Top 6 Trends in Manufacturing

Eric Dukart Posted in: B2B, Digital Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Manufacturing, Marketing Automation, Targeted Marketing Programs, Technical Strategy

See what’s changing the game for manufacturers, what’s ahead on the horizon and what it all really means to you.