10 Oct 2016

4 Ways to Manage Expectations &  Make Your Projects More Successful

Beth Richels Posted in: Communications, Project Management

Ever have that gut feeling when something isn’t going quite right? We’ve all been there.

5 Jan 2016

4 Benchmarks of the Best Organizations

Amanda Nygaard Posted in: Business, Communications, Culture, Leadership

Here at Sundog, we are always striving to be the company our clients love to work with and our team members want to work for. It’s a big goal, right? It’s also an important one. How can we all work to be the best – and constantly keep improving?

17 Apr 2015

5 Tips: Holistic Approach to Paid Media

Tiffanie Honeyman Posted in: Advertising, Communications, Integrated Marketing, Mass Media, Media Strategy, Social Media, Content Development, Targeted Marketing Programs

Media has become fragmented and complex. But the good news? That actually can work in your favor.

Long gone are the days of pouring marketing dollars over masses of unsegmented audiences and budget waste. Because there’s a simple truth: marketers no longer drive the buying process. Consumers do. Say hello to marketing efficiency and giving consumers the reins. Your customers decide what they want to buy and detest irrelevant ads that get in the way.

So how do you effectively market online – at the right time and place?

15 Apr 2015

Sundog: The Podcast 062 - Content Strategy

Lon Keller Posted in: Branding, Communications, Content Strategy, Creative Strategy, Customer Journey, Digital Experience, Marketing, Strategy, Writing, Brand, Audience, Message, Targeted Marketing Programs

Our content experts discuss how to integrate a company’s voice and content into creative ideas.

20 Jun 2013

Sundog: The Podcast 053 - Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Lon Keller Posted in: Advertising, Branding, Cloud, Communications, CRM, Customer Experience, Insights, Marketing, Marketing Cloud, Mobile, Online Marketing, Salesforce, Social Media, Brand, Audience, Message, Marketing Campaign Attribution, Targeted Marketing Programs, Technical Strategy

On this episode, our Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts in, Radian6 and Buddy Media, talk with Matt Leinweaver, Salesforce Partner Alliance Manager, about how these tools revolutionize engagement with customers to build authentic experiences at the intersection of Marketing + Technology. Sundog is a Marketing Cloud partner.

11 Apr 2013

Marketo Summit 2013: 10 Ways to Optimize Marketo System Performance

Danielle Naboulsi Posted in: Communications, Customer Experience, Insights, Marketing, Online Marketing, Technology, Web Development, Marketo Summit, Marketing Campaign Attribution

Discover the top 10 Ways to Optimize Marketo System Performance in this session recap from Nate Mattison.

10 Apr 2013

MARKETO SUMMIT 2013: The Social Business Professional Keynote

Danielle Naboulsi Posted in: Advertising, Communications, Customer Experience, Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Sundog, Marketo Summit

Find out what Marketo Summit attendees heard during The Social Business Professional Keynote, in this recap by Sundog EVP Jodi Heilman.

10 Apr 2013

MARKETO SUMMIT 2013: How to Optimize Social for Lead Generation

Danielle Naboulsi Posted in: Business, Communications, Marketing, Social Media, Marketo Summit, Targeted Marketing Programs

Renee Cook shares the expert advice Jason Miller and Koka Sexton offered in their Marketo Summit session “How to Optimize Social for Lead Generation”

10 Apr 2013

Marketo Summit 2013: Leveraging the Dynamic Customer Journey

Danielle Naboulsi Posted in: Communications, Marketing, Social Media, Sundog, Webinar, Marketo Summit, Targeted Marketing Programs

Find out what Heidi learned at the Marketo Summit session: Leveraging the Dynamic Customer Journey, by Jeremiah Owyang from Altimeter

29 Nov 2012

Sundog: The Podcast 048 - Communication Evolution

Lon Keller Posted in: Communications, Marketing, Mobile, Social Media, Video, Content Development, Targeted Marketing Programs, Technical Strategy

Much has changed in the way we communicate, especially over the last 10 years with the mobile and social revolutions. Our panel today offers their thoughts on how businesses should be working with these communication technologies.