17 Nov 2015

How to Integrate Salesforce Communities + Pardot

Greg Ewing-Lee
Posted in: Communities, Community Cloud, Marketing Automation, Pardot, Salesforce, Visualforce, Lead Management Strategy

What’s the key to maximizing revenue for most organizations? Aligning marketing and sales efforts, particularly when it comes to lead management.

19 Oct 2015

Customizable CMS & Search for Salesforce Communities

Craig Isakson
Posted in: CMS, Communities, Community Cloud, CRM, JavaScript, Salesforce

What do I love about working at Sundog?The tough challenges that our clients bring us, not to mention the way Sundoggers challenge ourselves. Around here, we’re all obsessed with quality and the drive to make our clients heroes in everything we do. And as a Systems Architect, that means I get to do some really cool things.

30 Sep 2015

How to Customize Salesforce Communities

Craig Johnson
Posted in: Communities, Community Cloud, Responsive Design, Salesforce, Technology Platforms, Visualforce, Technical Strategy

Branded communities are a powerful way to increase engagement with employees, partners and customers. And Salesforce Community Cloud is one of the best platforms in the business.But can you customize it for your business? Absolutely.

26 Nov 2014

The Ease of a Customer Community - Salesforce

Terry Luschen
Posted in: Communities, Partners, Salesforce, Software, Software Development, Software Maintenance, Sundog

Need to spin up a customer community?  Could I create one with just point-n-click action?  Yes.  Really?

24 Oct 2014

Dreamforce 2014 in Review: Catch the Wave, Ride the Lightning

Greg Ewing-Lee
Posted in: Business, Cloud, Communities, Customer Experience, Customer Journey, Events, DF14, Dreamforce, Dreamforce 2014, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Partners, Salesforce, Strategy, Brand, Audience, Message, Targeted Marketing Programs

No doubt about it, Dreamforce never fails to impress. And this year was no exception.

Miss the fun or haven’t had a chance to watch the sessions online yet? Here’s a quick recap of our favorite highlights, news and announcements from #DF14 – all features of Salesforce’s new Customer Success Platform.