27 Dec 2016

To Use or Not to Use: px, em, rem or %?

Susanna Oliver
Posted in: Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Web Development

Pixels and rems and ems and percents, oh my.While there are several different methods for coding with font sizes, it all depends on what’s right for your particular project.

12 Sep 2016

3 Quick & Easy CSS Effects for a Better UI

Susanna Oliver
Posted in: CSS, UI Design, User Interface, Web Development

A good user interface (UI) is like a vehicle. You don’t even think about it when it works correctly, but when it doesn’t, it’s a nightmare. CSS effects should make your UI smooth and effortless.

28 Nov 2014

Communicate from a Component to the Page - Visualforce

Terry Luschen
Posted in: CSS, JavaScript, Software, Software Development, Software Maintenance, Sundog, Visualforce

It is pretty easy to communicate with different parts of a Visualforce page, but what about telling the page what to do from a component?

20 Aug 2014

Different Headers and Footers By Page in PDF - Salesforce

Terry Luschen
Posted in: CSS, Salesforce, Software Development, Software Maintenance

Do you want to display different headers and footers on different pages of a rendered PDF?  If so, then read on for some ideas on how to get this accomplished.

19 Apr 2008

CSS Gradients in WebKit

Darin Livdahl
Posted in: CSS, Web Development