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12 Apr 2018

Blockchain & Why It Matters for Manufacturers

Surya Sharma Posted in: Blockchain, Data Management, Manufacturing

“Blockchain” is probably a term you’ve been hearing about a lot these days. In fact, you may have heard anything from how it’s the technology that will disrupt essentially any industry imaginable to how it’s a fraud and not worth your time. But just like anything that draws people into extreme ideologies that oppose or support it, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

5 Jan 2018

The Importance of Simplifying System Architecture

Craig Isakson Posted in: Data Management, Integration, System Architecture, Technical Architecture, Technical Strategy

As a Technical Architect at Sundog, I have the opportunity to help a number of our clients determine and shape the landscape of their system architecture. It’s honestly one of my favorite parts of the job. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of different types of implementations. And the more we see, the more patterns start to emerge. We get to see what works really well - and what can leave room for improvement.

2 Aug 2017

Manufacturing & MDM: From Cleaner Data to Better Forecasting

Craig Isakson Posted in: B2B, Data Integration, Data Management, Data Quality, Manufacturing

Different departments use different systems to work with the same or similar information. You may even have purchased other smaller companies and have to shoehorn their systems in to work with yours. All of these types of scenarios create inefficiencies and inaccuracies, which cost your company money. Nobody wants to spend money on wasteful issues like that, right?

21 Jun 2017

5 Factors of System Integration: What to Keep in Mind

Andrew Fowler Posted in: Data Integration, Data Management, Technical Enablement

In the age of smartphones, self-driving cars, SQL-less databases and marketing driven by artificial intelligence, it’s easy to forget how old some of the tried-and-true software we interact with every day really is. You may be able to pay your credit card bill from your phone, but somewhere along the line, there’s a good chance that transaction includes adding to a nightly COBOL batch job or similar mainframe process.

11 May 2016
24 Aug 2015

3 Tips for Social Listening:  How to Understand Where Your Customers Are Engaging

Brianne Carlsrud Posted in: Data Analytics, Data Management, Data Visualization, Digital Marketing, Insights, Integrated Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Cloud, Online Marketing, SEO, Social Listening, Social Media, Buyer Journey Optimization, Marketing Campaign Attribution, Marketing Data Transformation, Targeted Marketing Programs

New to social listening? It’s a powerful way for marketers to monitor and respond to brand mentions in real time. It also makes it possible to use conversations around your brand, industry and competitors to help optimize your social media strategy. However, setting up a social media listening process, knowing what to do with all the data, and explaining why it’s important to stakeholders can be challenging and complex.