Data Quality

2 Aug 2017

Manufacturing & MDM: From Cleaner Data to Better Forecasting

Craig Isakson Posted in: B2B, Data Integration, Data Management, Data Quality, Manufacturing

Different departments use different systems to work with the same or similar information. You may even have purchased other smaller companies and have to shoehorn their systems in to work with yours. All of these types of scenarios create inefficiencies and inaccuracies, which cost your company money. Nobody wants to spend money on wasteful issues like that, right?

11 May 2016
11 Apr 2016

What You Should Know About Data Quality: 4 Keys to Improvement

Matthew McGarry Posted in: Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Storage, Marketing Data Transformation, Technical Enablement

How well do you really understand your data? What are your data sources? Does your organization take an active approach to cleaning your data regularly?