13 Jan 2015

Realtime Tracking with the Streaming API

Craig Isakson Posted in: Events, DF14, Dreamforce 2014, Salesforce, Software Development, Software Maintenance, Technology, Visualforce

At Dreamforce 2014 I had the opportunity to present some cool code on using the Streaming API to perform realtime tracking within VisualForce pages on Salesforce. It was a great experience!

24 Oct 2014

Dreamforce 2014 in Review: Catch the Wave, Ride the Lightning

Greg Ewing-Lee Posted in: Business, Cloud, Communities, Customer Experience, Customer Journey, Events, DF14, Dreamforce, Dreamforce 2014, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Partners, Salesforce, Strategy, Brand, Audience, Message, Targeted Marketing Programs

No doubt about it, Dreamforce never fails to impress. And this year was no exception.

Miss the fun or haven’t had a chance to watch the sessions online yet? Here’s a quick recap of our favorite highlights, news and announcements from #DF14 – all features of Salesforce’s new Customer Success Platform.

12 Oct 2014

#DF14 Basecamp: What You Can Expect (Part 2)

Jen Thompson Posted in: B2B, Business, CRM, Customer Experience, Customer Journey, Healthcare, Sundog, DF14, Dreamforce, Dreamforce 2014, Targeted Marketing Programs

Coffee. Cocktails. A free Fitbit while supplies last. And interesting conversation with some of the coolest people you’ll meet at Dreamforce.

Can’t wait? Neither can we.

7 Oct 2014

#DF14 Basecamp: What you can Expect (Part 1)

Heidi Haaven Posted in: Events, DF14, Dreamforce, Dreamforce 2014

If you’ve been to Dreamforce before, you know the feeling: never-ending lines for coffee, a bazillion people waiting to get into keynotes and an overwhelming amount of information coming at you from all angles. The good news: this year Sundog has you covered at Basecamp where you can put your feet up, relax and recharge with coffee, cocktails and more.

3 Oct 2014

Keeping up with the Trends at Dreamforce

Alyssa Greve Posted in: Communities, Events, DF14, Dreamforce, Integrated Marketing, Partners, Social Media, Targeted Marketing Programs

Whether you are attending Dreamforce or not, social media allows us to connect with others at the event. Watch keynotes, product announcements and more from your computer or connect with those around you. I’ll share you some of the top ways you can stay connected with Dreamforce this year. I’ll also give you an inside look at how we plan to manage all of the social conversations and engage as a brand.

30 Sep 2014

Sundog: The Podcast 061 - Dreamforce 2014 Preview

Lon Keller Posted in: Apps, Business, Customer Experience, Customer Journey, Events, DF14, Dreamforce, Dreamforce 2014, Healthcare, Insights, Marketing, Personas & Segmentation, Salesforce, Technology, User Experience (UX), Wearables, Brand, Audience, Message, Buyer Journey Optimization, Marketing Campaign Attribution, Targeted Marketing Programs

In this Dreamforce 2014 preview, we get you ready to experience your own customer journey, while Craig and Chris preview their upcoming technology breakout sessions.

30 Sep 2014

Another Dreamforce Giveaway?!

Craig Isakson Posted in: Salesforce, Software Development, Software Maintenance, Technology, Web Development, DF14, Dreamforce

Yes, today I am all about the Dreamforce giveaways. This post is no exception! Have you been wondering about what the Streaming API is? How about how to use the Streaming API? Maybe you know what it is and how to use it but have been curious on how to implement realtime tracking in Visualforce pages via the Streaming API? If you answered yes to either of these questions, look no further!!

30 Sep 2014

Cool Tech at the Sundog Loft

Craig Isakson Posted in: Mobile, Salesforce, Software Development, Technology, DF14, Dreamforce, Technical Strategy

Dreamforce is less than two weeks away. Here at Sundog we are preparing by putting the final touches on some awesome tech. We are very excited to be showcasing a number of different things from wearables to connected devices and how these devices can help provide a complete view of your customer when integrated with our various products.

25 Sep 2014

Dreamforce Survival Guide: Top Tips & Tricks

Heidi Haaven Posted in: Events, DF14, Dreamforce, Dreamforce 2014, Marketing, Salesforce

Over 100,000 people. Thousands of live demos and sessions. And only four days.

Anytime you’re getting ready for a conference like Dreamforce, a few helpful tips and tricks can go a long way. So here’s what our Dreamforce veterans want you to know about tackling the biggest tech conference of the year:

17 Sep 2014

Top 5 Reasons We Can’t Wait for Dreamforce

Heidi Haaven Posted in: Events, DF14, Dreamforce, Salesforce, Sundog

Here are the top 5 reasons we can’t wait for Dreamforce 2014: