11 Oct 2016

Gmail Support for Responsive Design Has Arrived

Darin Livdahl
Posted in: Google, Integrated Marketing, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Responsive Design, Targeted Marketing Programs

Gmail now supports embedded style sheets and media queries! What does that mean for email marketers and developers?

13 Jun 2016

What 3 Restaurants Do Right (and Wrong) with Their Email Marketing

Sarah Mayfield
Posted in: Digital Experience, User Experience (UX), Integrated Marketing, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Buyer Journey Optimization, Lead Management Strategy, Targeted Marketing Programs

Yesterday I came across an interesting article called “Email Showdown: Starbucks vs. Dunkin’ Donuts.” The article’s author, McKenzie Van Meter, signed up for promotional emails from both coffee companies and compared their effectiveness.

26 Apr 2016

Making Mass Media Work for You: The 4 Biggest Factors for Your Media Budget

Ashley Nowacki
Posted in: Integrated Marketing, Digital Marketing, Mass Media, Media Strategy, Content Development, Targeted Marketing Programs

In today's fast-paced digital world, consumers are inundated constantly with marketing messages vying for their attention. As a result, your job is much more challenging. Reaching the right person with the right message at the right time is no easy task.

29 Dec 2015

5 Quick Ways to Write Better Blog Headlines

Jen Thompson
Posted in: Blogging, Digital Experience, Content Strategy, Integrated Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Writing, Targeted Marketing Programs

Blogs can be a powerful part of your content strategy. That is, if people actually read them. So how do you capture your readers’ attention in the first place?