27 Dec 2017

Dreamforce Trailblazers, Trends & Takeaways: What’s Ahead for 2018

Damie Berkey Posted in: Events, Dreamforce, Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Manufacturing, Salesforce

For the past 11 years, Sundog has been attending Dreamforce in San Francisco. Each year we leave inspired, intrigued and energized about the new developments, new technology and new applications that we can leverage for our clients. It is the place to dream, discover and - most importantly - collaborate with others in the industry.

19 Dec 2017

Salesforce & Google: What the New Partnership Means to You

Susanna Oliver Posted in: Events, Dreamforce, Google, Google Analytics, Lightning, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Salesforce

A partnership announcement at Dreamforce 2017 is sending shocks around the world. Tech giants Salesforce and Google have partnered to integrate their marketing and sales features - creating a robust toolbox to help their customers work smarter, work faster and convert leads into revenue.

15 Dec 2017

Video: Empowering Partners Across Complex Distribution Networks

Jen Thompson Posted in: Community Cloud, Customer Experience, Events, Dreamforce, Manufacturing, Partner Management Strategy

How do you give your customers a seamless experience with your products and service - especially when you have a complex network of partners or dealers?

12 Dec 2017

How Marketing Cloud + Sitecore XP Could Transform Customer Experiences

Chris Kulish Posted in: Customer Experience, Events, Dreamforce, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, Sitecore, Web Personalization

What if your website knew whether your visitors had opened the last email offer you sent them? What if you could trigger an email offer to customers featuring the top products they viewed on your website? What if you could see the important interactions that customers had taken on your website, right alongside their sales histories?

27 Jun 2017

Top Takeaways from Salesforce World Tour Chicago 2017

Damie Berkey Posted in: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Events, Manufacturing, Salesforce

This June, I had the opportunity to attend the Salesforce World Tour - Chicago.

24 Oct 2016

My 3 Favorite Things From Dreamforce 2016

Chris Kulish Posted in: Events, DF16, DFMakeItCount, Dreamforce

Dreamforce 2016 has come and gone! For most of us, it usually takes a week to recover after presenting, attending sessions, having tons of great conversations with clients, and interacting with so many people. But now that most of us have (hopefully) recovered, I’d love to share a few of my personal top highlights of DF16.

19 Oct 2016

Dreamforce 2016 in Review: Photos & Highlights

Jen Thompson Posted in: Events, DF16, DFMakeItCount, Dreamforce

Dreamforce is always one of the best and biggest events of the year. Whether you joined us in sunny San Francisco this year or you missed out on the fun, check out a few of our favorite highlights and photos from 2016.

22 Sep 2016

3 Speakers You Won’t Want to Miss at #DF16

Jen Thompson Posted in: Events, DF16, DFMakeItCount, Dreamforce

Going to Dreamforce 2016? Come meet three of our very own experts who’ve been invited to speak in San Francisco. From custom-branding Chatter to making the most of asynchronous Apex and Javascript Promises, their how-to sessions will help you make every minute count. (Not to mention, they are some of the coolest guys you’ll find at #DF16.)

15 Sep 2016

Sneak Peek: VIP Lounge at Dreamforce

Jen Thompson Posted in: Events, DF16, DFMakeItCount, Dreamforce

Dreamforce 2016 is right around the corner. And you know what? So is our VIP Lounge.

7 Sep 2016

What’s Waiting for You at Dreamforce 2016?

Jen Thompson Posted in: Events, DF16, DFMakeItCount, Dreamforce

Dreamforce is one of the biggest events of the year in sunny San Francisco. It’s packed with energy, innovation, new tech, after-parties and thousands of people who should have worn more comfortable shoes.