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19 Dec 2017

Salesforce & Google: What the New Partnership Means to You

Susanna Oliver Posted in: Events, Dreamforce, Google, Google Analytics, Lightning, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Salesforce

A partnership announcement at Dreamforce 2017 is sending shocks around the world. Tech giants Salesforce and Google have partnered to integrate their marketing and sales features - creating a robust toolbox to help their customers work smarter, work faster and convert leads into revenue.

13 Nov 2015

Go Beyond Rankings with 10 Important SEO Metrics

Ben Sailer Posted in: Digital Marketing, Google, Google Analytics, Integrated Marketing, Moz, Organic Search, Search Engine Marketing, SEM, SEO, Buyer Journey Optimization, Targeted Marketing Programs

Write this on your office wall: keyword rankings still matter for SEO success in 2015. This remains true, even as personalized search has made it difficult to track them accurately for all users (since no two users may necessarily see exactly the same search results in all instances).