24 Sep

Sundog: The Podcast 065 - Design Thinking

Lon Keller
Posted in: Digital Experience, Creative Strategy, Mobile, User Experience (UX), Web, Advertising, Branding, Design, Design Thinking, Graphic Design, Usability

Good design is more than just pretty pictures. There is a serious thought process and purpose behind every great design. On this episode, we've gathered all of our Sundog designers in one room to discuss design thinking; a creative, problem-solving process which helps people design meaningful solutions.

16 Sep

Sorry, Kids: Your Logo Isn’t Your Brand

Jena LaPlante
Posted in: Strategy, Brand Analysis, Digital Experience, Creative Strategy, Branding, Graphic Design

So many clients ask for a logo, and then think, “Great, I’m done! Here is my brand.” Not to be the bearer of bad news, but actually, no. Your logo isn’t your brand. Of course, it’s one aspect of it, but it’s really not the most important part.

19 May

3 Starter Tips: Designing Your First Apple Watch App

Amy Crews
Posted in: Apple, Graphic Design, Technology

It’s no longer just a concept waiting to be prototyped. The new Apple Watch is here!

The first Apple Watch sales sold more on day one through pre-orders than Android Wear watches did in all of 2014. New orders have been pushed back as far as July.

That means two things:

  1. Don’t expect Apple Watch in physical stores until late June with few exceptions.
  2. It isn’t a fad. This watch will be around for a while.


5 Jun

Top 5 Tips for Improving Online Forms

Laura Schjeldahl
Posted in: Digital Experience, User Experience (UX), Graphic Design, Online Forms, Online Marketing, Usability

... and why they are so important!

There are many things we can do to improve users’ experiences with forms and to increase conversion rates, but these are five common mistakes that are pretty easy to fix.