11 Jan 2017

Understanding Lightning Component Events

Susanna Oliver
Posted in: HTML, JavaScript, Lightning, Salesforce, Web Development

Lightning components are designed to be self-contained and independent. While this is great for modular development and encapsulation, it comes at a price. That price is JavaScript. JavaScript from one component can’t talk with another, and that’s why Lightning components use events. Events handle any interaction that needs to take place between components: button clicks, modals, etc.

27 Dec 2016

To Use or Not to Use: px, em, rem or %?

Susanna Oliver
Posted in: Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Web Development

Pixels and rems and ems and percents, oh my.While there are several different methods for coding with font sizes, it all depends on what’s right for your particular project.

30 Oct 2015

How to Optimize Images for Screen Readers With Image Alt Tags

Ben Myhre
Posted in: Digital Marketing, HTML, Integrated Marketing, SEO, Web Development, Buyer Journey Optimization, Targeted Marketing Programs

Should we use an alt attribute on all images?The answer is simple. YES.What if it is an image that is for decoration only?YES! You should still be using an alt attribute.

30 Jun 2014

How to Create Consistent Text Spacing in HTML Emails

Susanna Oliver
Posted in: CSS, Digital Experience, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, HTML, Integrated Marketing, Mobile, Web Development, Targeted Marketing Programs, Technical Strategy

Achieving consistent white space across some thirty-odd email clients, screen sizes, and versions can be tricky. In fact, let’s face it: it’s impossible. We’re up against monumental odds: inconsistent standards (or rather, lack thereof) across email clients, old versions, different browser renderings of web mail, multitudes of screen sizes, and then all of that compounded by mobile.