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12 Nov 2015

Back to Basics: User Interface Design 101

Laura Schjeldahl Posted in: Design, Digital Experience, Information Architecture, UI Design, Usability, User Experience (UX), User Interface, Web, Buyer Journey Optimization, Targeted Marketing Programs, Technical Strategy

Need a refresher course on rudimentary rules of the web? You’re not alone. (Believe me … I’ve seen virtually everything.) Here’s an important list of dos (and don’ts) to make life easier for your users.

26 Sep 2013

Connecting Google Places, Google+, and YouTube for Small Business

John Schneider Posted in: Google, Information Architecture, Social Media, User Experience (UX), Buyer Journey Optimization, Targeted Marketing Programs

It’s important to not only manage Google Places, Google+ and YouTube Accounts for fortune 500 companies, but also small businesses as well. The challenge with small businesses is to make sure that all of these accounts are properly associated with the right admin. If a user jumps from one touch point to another, the user is sure to be visiting pages that are the small business controlled and edited.

26 Jul 2012

Why You Need Website Personas

Lee Schwartz Posted in: Content Strategy, Graphic Design, Information Architecture, User Experience (UX), Web Development, Buyer Journey Optimization, Targeted Marketing Programs

Seniors and Millennials use the internet much differently. Does your website reflect that?

When you’re considering building a new website (or redesigning your current site) it’s critical that you make sure you’re creating a site that not only effectively portrays your company’s image and culture—but also is designed to be received well by your target audiences.

10 May 2012


Craig Isakson Posted in: Apps, Cloud, Content Strategy, Customer Experience, Graphic Design, Information Architecture, Internet, Mobile, Salesforce, Software, Software Development, Software Maintenance, Technology, Targeted Marketing Programs, Technical Strategy

Here at Sundog we create a lot of responsive websites. Essentially you create one site which scales its size and changes its layout and content based on the browser resolution.

1 May 2012

Authentication with Salesforce

Terry Luschen Posted in: Cloud, Information Architecture, Salesforce, Security Review, Software Development, Technical Enablement

When starting a project in Salesforce one of the first discussions is usually around how to authenticate the users. There are many options and I would like to list some of them for you….

16 Apr 2012

The Importance of External IDs in Integrations

Terry Luschen Posted in: Apps, Cloud, Information Architecture, IT, Salesforce, Software, Software Development

External IDs are an important way to tie Salesforce data to data in an internal system like SAP, Oracle or Siebel. Read on to learn about external ids and how to use them with the Partner API.

10 Apr 2012

Requirements Gathering for Integrations

Terry Luschen Posted in: Cloud, Information Architecture, Salesforce, Software Development

When estimating integrations with Salesforce during the discovery phase of an implementation what questions should be asked? Read on for some ideas.

2 Apr 2012

Using APEX to call Salesforce Web Service

Terry Luschen Posted in: Cloud, Information Architecture, Salesforce, Software Development, Technology

There are times where one Salesforce Org needs to communicate with another Salesforce Org. Please read on for details on forwarding messages between Orgs.

30 Sep 2010

Error Messages and the User Experience

Dean Froslie Posted in: Content Strategy, Customer Experience, Information Architecture, Targeted Marketing Programs

We all want to believe that our websites deliver enjoyable, seamless experiences. That nobody ever encounters a broken link, cryptic error message or dead end. That users joyfully enter their information in the correct fields, using the format we require.
Unfortunately, those wishes don’t match reality.

4 Apr 2009

Web Typography

Greg Ness Posted in: Graphic Design, Information Architecture, Web Development

View more presentations from Pascal Klein.

Pascal Klein has released the 4th edition of his Beautiful Web Typography slide deck on Slideshare (above). The Web is a wonderful communication tool, but it often suffers from an oppressive use of typography. Readability and usability are intertwined in any piece of communication using words, and that applies to both the digital and print realm.