27 May 2015

How to Find the Right Partner for Data Integration

Terry Luschen
Posted in: Business, CRM, Data Integration, Internet, Partners, Technology, Technology Platforms, Technical Enablement, Technical Strategy

Choices can make us all feel like Goldilocks. One option is too big, another option is too small. Data integration can feel the same way. It’s hard to know what’s “just right” for your organization.

Wait – what exactly is data integration? It’s the combination of technical and business processes used to combine data from different sources into meaningful, valuable information. And it starts by defining where your data is coming from. Is the data in an existing database, spreadsheets or your CRM system? Are you picking the right data that is valuable enough to spend money moving it between systems? Which processes will get the job done?

There are a lot of questions involved.

29 Jul 2014

Working With Dynamic Markers in Google Maps JS API

Craig Isakson
Posted in: Google, Internet, Software Development, Technology, Web Development

Google Maps has been around for quite a while.  As such, when I came across the need to add dynamic markers to a map I did some searching.  My search didn’t really yield what was looking for.  There were a couple of similar situations I had found but nothing that really worked well.

29 Jul 2014

Starting a PushTopic for the Streaming API in Salesforce

Craig Isakson
Posted in: Internet, Mobile, Salesforce, Software, Software Development, Technology, Technical Strategy

If you have ever used the Streaming API in Salesforce you know that you need to create a PushTopic for users to subscribe to for streaming to work.  Not a big deal right?  It’s just an object and the topics are just records in the object.

28 Feb 2014

Finding Creative Inspiration - 5 sites to inspire you

Rob Burke
Posted in: Advertising, Branding, Creative Strategy, Education-Training, Graphic Design, Internet, Marketing, Photography, Video, Brand, Audience, Message, Content Development

We all hit that slump in our creativity from time to time. When you feel you have nothing new to try and wonder if you are still good at what you do. Well for those times the best remedy is to look back at some of your best work and to look closely at what some of the best are creating now.

27 Jun 2013

28 Feb 2013