Internet of Things (IoT)

13 Jun 2017

The Rise of Connected Machines: Top Challenges & Predictions

Vijay Reddy Posted in: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), M2M Communication, Machine Data, Machine Learning

In the early 2000s, a car that could diagnose itself and send real-time data to the manufacturer or to emergency services seemed far-fetched. So was a home device that could play music or order virtually anything online based on your voice commands. Also on that list of “crazy” ideas: an alarm clock that could notify the coffee maker to start brewing your favorite coffee when you wake up or a smart lock that automatically unlocks when it detects the owner.

23 May 2017

What’s Coming Next with Machine Data

Nazia Zaman Posted in: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Einstein, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Data, Machine Learning, Manufacturing, Salesforce

A couple weeks ago, we experienced a flooded kitchen here at Sundog due to a faulty dishwasher. What if the dishwasher could self-diagnose the issue before it happened and automatically schedule maintenance with a field technician? Sound like science fiction? Actually, it’s becoming the new reality. Technologies like this are already present in our day-to-day lives.

11 May 2016
29 Nov 2013

#DF13 and the IoT (Internet of Things)

Craig Isakson Posted in: Cloud, Events, Dreamforce, Dreamforce 2013, Internet of Things (IoT), Microsoft, Salesforce, Software Development, Technology

From the keynote to breakout sessions to a corner of Moscone West devoted to a connected devices lab, Dreamforce 2013’s obvious theme seemed to be connected devices and the Internet of Things.

31 Jul 2011

The Internet of Things Will Dwarf The Internet Of People

Greg Ness Posted in: Internet, Internet of Things (IoT)

One of the most publicized statistic about Web growth during the last decade has been about the increase in the number of people using it. According to Internet World Stats, the Web has grown from 360 million users in 2000 to over 2 billion users today. However, there is a much quieter Internet growth revolution taking place that will have considerable impact for people and businesses. That is about the growth in the number of “things” connected to the internet.