19 Nov 2015

The Beginner’s Guide to Security Model Setup

Anthony Suda Posted in: Data Integration, IT, Security Model, Security Review, System Architecture, Technology Platforms, Technical Enablement, Technical Strategy

In the world of system architecture and IT policies, one is bound to run into the term “security model.” Well, what does that mean exactly?

17 Jun 2015

Context Matters: How to Engage Your Customers with Mobile

Craig Isakson Posted in: Apps, IT, Mobile, Online Marketing, Technology, Technical Strategy

It’s safe to say that the customer is the lifeblood of any business. Without customers buying your products or using your services, your business would cease to exist. That’s why it’s so important to engage with your customers and provide them with personal journeys tailored to their personas. And the best way to start? Use the platform preferred most by your customers.

1 May 2015

Secrets to Building a Successful Content Management Solution

Chris Kulish Posted in: CMS, Content Strategy, Data Integration, Digital Experience, IT, Programming, Software, Software Development, Software Maintenance, System Architecture, Technical Architecture, Technology, Technology Platforms, Targeted Marketing Programs, Technical Enablement, Technical Strategy

Building a content management solution goes beyond just picking a Content Management System (CMS). It starts with asking the right questions during discovery, selecting the right tool for the job, creating architecture, and setting the stage for development.

9 Sep 2014

Meet Our #DF14 Speakers

Jen Thompson Posted in: Cloud, IT, Salesforce, Software Development, Technology, Web Development, DF14, Dreamforce

Going to Dreamforce 2014?

Come meet a couple of Sundoggers who are packing their bags for San Francisco. This year, two of our high-tech experts have been invited to speak in the Developer Zone. In their sessions, you’ll find lots of real-world insights to hit the ground running with the Streaming API and maximizing VisualForce. Not to mention, they’re a couple of the coolest guys you’ll find at #DF14.

29 Aug 2014

Excited to Speak at Dreamforce 2014

Craig Isakson Posted in: Cloud, IT, Salesforce, Software Development, Technology, Web Development, DF14

Every year there are a few Sundoggers that make their way to San Francisco to attend Salesforce’s annual conference, Dreamforce. This year will mark my second year attending the conference. This will also give me another opportunity to share some of my knowledge I have learned on the platform with others by speaking in the Developer Zone.

20 Nov 2013

DF13: Analytics Unleashed with the New Analytics API

Danielle Naboulsi Posted in: Business, IT, Salesforce, Technology, Dreamforce, Dreamforce 2013

Get the scoop on the new Analytics API from our Director of Business Analysis, Greg Ewing-Lee

13 Sep 2013

Google’s data center security

Anthony Suda Posted in: Cloud, Data Storage, Google, IT, Security Review, Technical Enablement

Google sent out an email to it’s Apps for Business users highlighting the security that they use at their data centers.

16 Jul 2013

Inside the brain of a Network Admin

Anthony Suda Posted in: IT

Want to know what goes on in the head of your SysAdmin or Network Admin every day?


Yes you do.

Well at least pretend to.

31 May 2013

Google+ for Apps Users

Craig Isakson Posted in: Google, Google I/O, IT, Software, Technology

It is becoming more of an industry norm for businesses to use social applications for collaboration and communication. Here at Sundog we use Salesforce’s Chatter for a plethora of different use cases and it’s integration with our data has given us the ability to build custom functionality to help it suit our needs. We are also Google Apps users.

18 May 2013

Google I/O Initial Thoughts/Recap

Craig Isakson Posted in: Google, Google I/O, Internet, IT, Mobile, Software Development, Technology, Technical Strategy

This year’s Google I/O was said to be all about the developer. With no new device announcements as well as no new version of Android announced, this seemed to hold true. After wrapping up yesterday afternoon, I have had a chance to digest a lot of the content that was presented.