8 Feb 2019

Design Thinking: How to Create Your POV (Part 4)

Ross Crandall Posted in: Customer Research, Design Thinking, Leadership, Marketing Strategy

It's time to turn the data you gained from interviews and observations into creating your organization’s point of view (POV). Why are clear and concise POVs important? They help you tell the customer story, plus increase alignment and understanding across your organization.

16 Jan 2019

Design Thinking: Empathy & Observation (Pt 3)

Ross Crandall Posted in: Customer Experience, Customer Research, Design Thinking, Leadership, Marketing Strategy

Design thinking is generally applied to product problems, but design can be used on any complex problem - including developing your organization's strategy. Below you’ll find a practical working guide on how to use design thinking methodologies and put this approach to work for your company.

11 Dec 2018

6 Keys to Building a Culture of Design (Part 2)

Ross Crandall Posted in: Design, Design Thinking, Leadership, Strategy

What does that really mean? As a leader in your organization, you need to lead by example and embrace the framework of design thinking. In my experience, executives may love this concept when it is presented but lack the fortitude to actually follow through or believe in the process. This is the number one mistake you can make, and it will only lead to failure.

4 Dec 2018

Design Thinking: What It Is & Why It Works

Ross Crandall Posted in: Design Thinking, Leadership, Strategy

Traditional methods of developing an organizational strategy are (or should be) dead. Today’s world is moving too fast for a group of executives to sit in a room and plan the year ahead based on the way business has been done before. If you’re not fostering a culture geared toward exploration and deep customer relationships, you’ll never excel beyond where your organization is today. After all, if you’re not investing time to understand your customer, how do you expect them to invest in you?

30 Aug 2018

How to Prioritize Challenges When Everything is #1

Heidi Haaven Posted in: Business, Consulting, Leadership, Project Management, Strategy

When it comes to business challenges, especially large and complex ones, you need clearly defined priorities and a timeline that you can actually stick to. Easier said than done, right? There are bound to be a lot of opinions from different areas of your company, not to mention plenty of unexpected dependencies and surprises along the way.

25 Apr 2018

How a Vision Map Can Align Your Business Units

Bobbiann Froemke Posted in: Business, Leadership, Manufacturing, Strategy, Partner Management Strategy

Different stakeholders. Different business units. Different processes. All of those factors can make it difficult to define business priorities, align common goals and demonstrate the value of changes. One key to alignment is mapping a vision.

5 Jan 2016

4 Benchmarks of the Best Organizations

Amanda Nygaard Posted in: Business, Communications, Culture, Leadership

Here at Sundog, we are always striving to be the company our clients love to work with and our team members want to work for. It’s a big goal, right? It’s also an important one. How can we all work to be the best – and constantly keep improving?

28 Dec 2015

What’s the Real Secret to Company Culture?

Amanda Nygaard Posted in: Business, Culture, Leadership, Sundog

Culture can make or break a company. It affects how our employees feel about coming to work. But it also influences their interactions with clients, partners, co-workers, potential customers and the community.

30 Jun 2015

Sundog: The Podcast 064 - Intriguing Internships

Lon Keller Posted in: Internships, Leadership

In this episode, we diverge a bit from our usual Marketing + Technology topic to discuss Sundog’s internship program and how internships should be setup to benefit both the intern and the business.

30 Jul 2013

A Letter To The Owners

Brent Teiken Posted in: Events, Leadership, Sundog

Sundog Team,

With the announcement of our Employee Stock Ownership Plan today, we now move forward as one team of owners, fully aligned in our mission, sharing in the success of our growth and unified in our vision and legacy of building a globally recognized and admired marketing and technology company. It is a difficult challenge but one I know you will meet with equal energy and passion.