Machine Learning

4 Mar 2019

How Bots & AI Will Impact Customer Journeys in B2B

Nazia Zaman Posted in: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Customer Experience, Customer Journey, Einstein, Machine Learning

I just ordered a pizza for dinner with a few taps on my phone, and the delivery driver should be here anytime. It’s amazing how we are automating nearly everything around us, empowering end-users to achieve a wide range of tasks with minimum effort.

13 Jun 2017

The Rise of Connected Machines: Top Challenges & Predictions

Vijay Reddy Posted in: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), M2M Communication, Machine Data, Machine Learning

In the early 2000s, a car that could diagnose itself and send real-time data to the manufacturer or to emergency services seemed far-fetched. So was a home device that could play music or order virtually anything online based on your voice commands. Also on that list of “crazy” ideas: an alarm clock that could notify the coffee maker to start brewing your favorite coffee when you wake up or a smart lock that automatically unlocks when it detects the owner.

23 May 2017

What’s Coming Next with Machine Data

Nazia Zaman Posted in: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Einstein, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Data, Machine Learning, Manufacturing, Salesforce

A couple weeks ago, we experienced a flooded kitchen here at Sundog due to a faulty dishwasher. What if the dishwasher could self-diagnose the issue before it happened and automatically schedule maintenance with a field technician? Sound like science fiction? Actually, it’s becoming the new reality. Technologies like this are already present in our day-to-day lives.