Marketing Automation

11 Jan 2018

How to Use Lightning Components in Flows & More

Kelsey Sanders Posted in: Communities, Lightning, Marketing Automation, Salesforce

Flows in Salesforce, also known as Visual Workflows, are powerful tools that allow for the automation of various business processes without the use of custom code. The cloud flow designer allows you to build flows that execute logic, interact with Salesforce, call Apex classes and collect data from a user in screen elements. The Winter 18 Salesforce release brings even more functionality into Flows.

29 Nov 2017

How & When to Use Drip Marketing

Kevin Barthelme Posted in: Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Nurturing, Marketing Automation

Drip marketing can go by many names. Autoresponder. Trigger. Automated campaigns. Drip programs. Whatever you call it, we’re talking about similar tools within the marketing automation toolbox.

10 Jul 2017

Infographic: Top 6 Trends in Manufacturing

Eric Dukart Posted in: B2B, Digital Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Manufacturing, Marketing Automation, Targeted Marketing Programs, Technical Strategy

See what’s changing the game for manufacturers, what’s ahead on the horizon and what it all really means to you.

31 May 2017

3 Reasons to Focus on Through-Channel Marketing Automation

Jennifer Lefor Posted in: Marketing Automation, Through-Channel Marketing, Targeted Marketing Programs

First things first: what exactly is Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA)?

15 Aug 2016

B2B Marketing Strategy by 2020: 6 Predictions for Manufacturers

Eric Dukart Posted in: B2B, Customer Journey, Insights, Manufacturing, Marketing, Marketing Automation, partnerDRIVEN, Personas & Segmentation, Revenue Attribution, Strategy, Brand, Audience, Message, Lead Management Strategy, Marketing Campaign Attribution, Targeted Marketing Programs

Four years ago, B2B marketing was in a state of flux. Content marketing was on the rise, but marketers were still trying to convince their bosses that it could work as well as – or better than – traditional marketing at a fraction of the price. Mobile devices were just beginning to be factored into marketing strategy. And no one was quite sure how to measure the results of a successful (or not so successful) marketing campaign in the new media environment.

13 Jun 2016

What 3 Restaurants Do Right (and Wrong) with Their Email Marketing

Sarah Mayfield Posted in: Digital Experience, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Marketing Automation, User Experience (UX), Buyer Journey Optimization, Lead Management Strategy, Targeted Marketing Programs

Yesterday I came across an interesting article called “Email Showdown: Starbucks vs. Dunkin’ Donuts.” The article’s author, McKenzie Van Meter, signed up for promotional emails from both coffee companies and compared their effectiveness.

20 Apr 2016

5 Roadblocks in Your Buyer’s Journey (partnerDRIVEN Series: Part 6)

Eric Dukart Posted in: B2B, Lead Nurturing, Lead Routing, Manufacturing, Marketing Automation, partnerDRIVEN, PRM, Salesforce, Scoring, Lead Management Strategy

If you’re selling B2B products, you’ve got sales leads coming in all the time. And if you’re selling those products through indirect sales channels, you’ve got partners doing the selling.

18 Apr 2016

The Secret to Lead Nurturing Success

Matthew McGarry Posted in: Campaign Management, Demand Generation, Lead Nurturing, Marketing Automation, Scoring, Lead Management Strategy, Targeted Marketing Programs

New to lead nurturing? That’s ok. Your first step is defining the lead generation, scoring and routing process. Trust me – it’s worth it. By automating lead scoring and routing, your organization will be able to deliver better lead data to your sales team – and get better results.

25 Jan 2016

5 Ways to Make Your B2B Tradeshow Your BFF

Jason Jacobson Posted in: B2B, CRM, Lead Nurturing, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Tradeshows, Lead Management Strategy

Tradeshows are an expensive, short-term way to talk to a small number of people who are mainly interested in freebies. Right? Well, only if you are doing them wrong.