3 Aug 2016

Social Media & 2016 Olympics: What You Need to Know

Brianne Carlsrud
Posted in: Content Strategy, Digital Experience, Integrated Marketing, Media Strategy, Social Media, Targeted Marketing Programs

The Olympic Games return this summer in Rio de Janeiro from August 5-21, 2016.

26 Apr 2016

Making Mass Media Work for You: The 4 Biggest Factors for Your Media Budget

Ashley Nowacki
Posted in: Digital Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Mass Media, Media Strategy, Content Development, Targeted Marketing Programs

In today's fast-paced digital world, consumers are inundated constantly with marketing messages vying for their attention. As a result, your job is much more challenging. Reaching the right person with the right message at the right time is no easy task.

18 Sep 2015

The Secret of Making Segmentation Work for You

Tiffanie Honeyman
Posted in: Advertising, Customer Journey, Integrated Marketing, Media Strategy, Personas & Segmentation, Strategy, Brand, Audience, Message, Targeted Marketing Programs

What’s the secret to making segmentation work for you? It’s actually pretty simple: segment with conviction.Marketing to segments may feel risky and take more planning time, but it cuts through noise and gives personality to your brand. Many advertisers only put one foot into the water, wanting to segment but afraid of leaving someone out.

13 Aug 2015

5 Secrets to Digital Marketing Success

Renee Cook
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First, let’s define what digital marketing really means. “Digital marketing” is an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to convert leads into customers.

25 May 2015


Tiffanie Honeyman
Posted in: Customer Experience, Customer Journey, Digital Marketing, Insights, Integrated Marketing, Marketing, Mass Media, Media Strategy, Personas & Segmentation, Strategy, Brand, Audience, Message, Content Development, Marketing Campaign Attribution, Targeted Marketing Programs

Ah, the “Age of the Customer”… where contemporary marketing strategies begin and end with the buyer’s point of view. Today brands are judged with higher expectations than ever before, and with most customer experiences happening online, digital media is a big part of the equation.

The good news? You can gain incredible visibility into your customers’ interests, and more importantly, what drives those interests. You can see the entire customer journey, inside and out.