29 Jan 2015

The Life & Legacy of Outlook

Susanna Oliver Posted in: Email Marketing, Microsoft, Web Development, Targeted Marketing Programs

Outlook was born in 1997 to parents Windows and Office. He has lived a long and popular life despite being the object of much debate among those who know him best. His decisions and business choices have left lasting effects on the industry making many friends and enemies.

29 Nov 2013

#DF13 and the IoT (Internet of Things)

Craig Isakson Posted in: Cloud, Events, Dreamforce, Dreamforce 2013, Internet of Things (IoT), Microsoft, Salesforce, Software Development, Technology

From the keynote to breakout sessions to a corner of Moscone West devoted to a connected devices lab, Dreamforce 2013’s obvious theme seemed to be connected devices and the Internet of Things.

28 Jun 2013

Windows 8.1 Start Button

Saurabh Tyagi Posted in: Microsoft

Being a Computer Science student has its perks - You get a lot of latest software for free through a Microsoft program called Dreamspark. A few months back I was browsing through my Dreamspark account to see if Microsoft had a new gift for me and I found Windows 8 Professional for Free!

4 Dec 2012

Nokia Uses Gamification To Motivate Windows Phone Developers

Preston Sternson Posted in: Gamification, Microsoft, Mobile, Software Development, Technical Strategy

It’s fun to root for the underdog. It’s not as fun to be one. Windows Phone has struggled to capture even a small piece of the mobile phone pie because of a myriad of reasons. Perhaps the biggest problem has been the inability to motivate developers to make great applications that users want. A new gamified system for developers has been made in hopes to solve the problem.

24 Apr 2012

Automating the APEX Data Loader

Terry Luschen Posted in: Cloud, Microsoft, Salesforce, Software Development, Technology

The graphical user interface (GUI) for the APEX Data Loader is great for manual data loads. But when you need to automate data loads some more detail needs to be worked into the process. Read on for more ideas.

20 Mar 2012


Craig Isakson Posted in: Apps, Education-Training, Microsoft, Mobile, Programming, ROI, Software, Software Development, Software Maintenance, Technology, Technical Strategy

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Mobile March in the Twin Cities. During the conference, I attended a four hour long Microsoft Windows Phone training session. My reasoning for attending this session was to learn more about a platform I have little experience in.

20 Mar 2012

Using Excel with APEX Data Loader

Terry Luschen Posted in: IT, Microsoft, Salesforce, Software, Software Development, Technology

The APEX Data Loader is a great tool for moving data in and out of Salesforce, but what should you do when your data needs to be cleaned before it is uploaded to Salesforce? Read-on for some ideas on how Excel can help you.

21 Mar 2011

Observations From Mobile March 2011

Paul Bourdeaux Posted in: Google, Microsoft, Mobile, Social Media, Viral Marketing, Targeted Marketing Programs, Technical Strategy

Mobile March 2011 has come to a close, and here are a few of my observations and favorite quotes from the event!

9 Mar 2011

Microsoft Calls For The End Of IE6

Lee Schwartz Posted in: Internet, Microsoft, Web Development

Web Developers, rejoice!

24 Jan 2011

Exploring The Tablets Revealed At CES 2011

Paul Bourdeaux Posted in: Google, Microsoft, Mobile, Software, Technology, Technical Strategy

At the beginning of 2011, I predicted that we would see no less than a dozen new tablets released into the market by the end of the year. With over 100 tablets displayed at CES this year, that is turning out to be a pretty safe prediction.