31 Jul 2017

Optimizing Online Forms for the Mobile Experience

Laura Schjeldahl Posted in: Mobile, Online Forms, Usability, User Experience (UX)

While the tips in my previous blog posts about forms (part 1 and part 2) are still relevant, there is finally new data to support using a multi-step process on mobile devices.

25 Nov 2015

Rules of Thumb: Keeping Your Brand Promise with Digital Experience

Jason Jacobson Posted in: Branding, Customer Research, Digital Experience, Integrated Marketing, Mobile, Social Media, Strategy, Web, Brand, Audience, Message, Targeted Marketing Programs, Technical Strategy

Every strong brand adheres to a promise of quality, service, price or a combination of two. Yes, only a maximum of two.

29 Oct 2015

6 Reasons Why Responsive Design Is Critical to User Experience (UX)

Laura Schjeldahl Posted in: Design, Digital Experience, Mobile, Responsive Design, User Experience (UX), Web, Buyer Journey Optimization, Targeted Marketing Programs, Technical Strategy

Web design is no longer one-size-fits-all. That “size” is responsive. Of course, sometimes building a separate website or application is the best option. If you have a captive audience (e.g., intranet or portal) and know which device(s) they will be using, you can design to those specifications. But for the majority of sites built today, responsive design is the Holy Grail.

24 Sep 2015

Sundog: The Podcast 065 - Design Thinking

Lon Keller Posted in: Advertising, Branding, Creative Strategy, Design, Design Thinking, Digital Experience, Graphic Design, Mobile, Usability, User Experience (UX), Web, Brand, Audience, Message, Buyer Journey Optimization, Targeted Marketing Programs, Technical Strategy

Good design is more than just pretty pictures. There is a serious thought process and purpose behind every great design. On this episode, we've gathered all of our Sundog designers in one room to discuss design thinking; a creative, problem-solving process which helps people design meaningful solutions.

17 Jun 2015

Context Matters: How to Engage Your Customers with Mobile

Craig Isakson Posted in: Apps, IT, Mobile, Online Marketing, Technology, Technical Strategy

It’s safe to say that the customer is the lifeblood of any business. Without customers buying your products or using your services, your business would cease to exist. That’s why it’s so important to engage with your customers and provide them with personal journeys tailored to their personas. And the best way to start? Use the platform preferred most by your customers.

27 Mar 2015

Focus on Branded Apps Fades, Shifts Toward Mobile Partnerships

Craig Isakson Posted in: Apps, Google, Mobile, Technology, Technical Strategy

Apps, apps, apps! Everybody wants an app. What if I were to say, “You don’t need an app!”? Would you think I was crazy? The reason is simple. What you really need is a mobile strategy. This strategy may very well involve your own branded app, but it may not.

25 Nov 2014

The Multi-Platform Mandate

Dean Froslie Posted in: Content Strategy, Mobile, Targeted Marketing Programs, Technical Strategy

The potent combination of shifting mobile behaviors, social media adoption and device proliferation means our content must be available anywhere, at any time.

30 Sep 2014

Cool Tech at the Sundog Loft

Craig Isakson Posted in: Mobile, Salesforce, Software Development, Technology, DF14, Dreamforce, Technical Strategy

Dreamforce is less than two weeks away. Here at Sundog we are preparing by putting the final touches on some awesome tech. We are very excited to be showcasing a number of different things from wearables to connected devices and how these devices can help provide a complete view of your customer when integrated with our various products.

29 Jul 2014

Starting a PushTopic for the Streaming API in Salesforce

Craig Isakson Posted in: Internet, Mobile, Salesforce, Software, Software Development, Technology, Technical Strategy

If you have ever used the Streaming API in Salesforce you know that you need to create a PushTopic for users to subscribe to for streaming to work. Not a big deal right? It’s just an object and the topics are just records in the object.

29 Jul 2014

Upload an Image From Your Mobile Device to Salesforce Using Cordova

Craig Isakson Posted in: Android, Mobile, Salesforce, Software Development, Software Maintenance, Technology, Technical Strategy

If you have ever built a hybrid mobile application on the Salesforce Platform, you are probably familiar with Cordova. Cordova allows your application to talk to mobile specific hardware via a JavaScript API. This allows you the ability to tap into all the device features via JavaScript which allows for cross platform functionality. In this blog post I will outline using your device’s camera to take a picture and subsequently upload that picture a content item in a Chatter Feed.