11 May

Sundog: The Podcast 066 - partnerDRIVEN

Lon Keller
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Working in the manufacturing industry? You’ve got a tough job. In this episode, learn more about partnerDRIVEN – a manufacturing solution designed to simplify your partner marketing, lead management, funding and a lot more heavy lifting.

15 Mar

Sundog Becomes Salesforce Gold Partner: What It Means to You

Damie Berkey
Posted in: Certifications, Partners, Salesforce

At Sundog, we’re proud to be awarded the designation of Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner.

27 May

How to Find the Right Partner for Data Integration

Terry Luschen
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Choices can make us all feel like Goldilocks. One option is too big, another option is too small. Data integration can feel the same way. It’s hard to know what’s “just right” for your organization.

Wait – what exactly is data integration? It’s the combination of technical and business processes used to combine data from different sources into meaningful, valuable information. And it starts by defining where your data is coming from. Is the data in an existing database, spreadsheets or your CRM system? Are you picking the right data that is valuable enough to spend money moving it between systems? Which processes will get the job done?

There are a lot of questions involved.

26 Nov

The Ease of a Customer Community - Salesforce

Terry Luschen
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Need to spin up a customer community?  Could I create one with just point-n-click action?  Yes.  Really?

24 Oct

Dreamforce 2014 in Review: Catch the Wave, Ride the Lightning

Greg Ewing Lee
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No doubt about it, Dreamforce never fails to impress. And this year was no exception.

Miss the fun or haven’t had a chance to watch the sessions online yet? Here’s a quick recap of our favorite highlights, news and announcements from #DF14 – all features of Salesforce’s new Customer Success Platform.