Project Management

30 Aug 2018

How to Prioritize Challenges When Everything is #1

Heidi Haaven Posted in: Business, Consulting, Leadership, Project Management, Strategy

When it comes to business challenges, especially large and complex ones, you need clearly defined priorities and a timeline that you can actually stick to. Easier said than done, right? There are bound to be a lot of opinions from different areas of your company, not to mention plenty of unexpected dependencies and surprises along the way.

19 Apr 2018

How to Align Your Stakeholders

Trina Isakson Posted in: B2B, Business, Consulting, Customer Experience, Marketing Strategy, Project Management

You’re in a meeting presenting to your stakeholders, what you thought, was a perfectly formulated delivery plan, when you’re faced with one of these dreaded statements: “Where did you get…?” “Why did/didn’t you…?” “I don’t remember…” “This isn’t correct.” You quickly realize your stakeholders are not all in agreement and any changes could have a real impact to your project. Now, it’s important to get their concerns captured correctly and ensure agreement before moving forward.

10 Oct 2016

4 Ways to Manage Expectations &  Make Your Projects More Successful

Beth Richels Posted in: Communications, Project Management

Ever have that gut feeling when something isn’t going quite right? We’ve all been there.

1 Dec 2015

Going Retro: Why Looking Back Can Help Your Team Move Forward

Allison Pankratz Posted in: Agile Development, Consulting, Project Management, SCRUM, Team Building

If you’re an optimist, the best advice always seems to be forward-focused. Set goals for the future. Never look back. Who wants to dwell on the past, right? But after years of working in a team setting in both marketing and technology, I’ve learned the best way to improve is to look back. If you set aside time for you and your team to reflect on what you’ve done together, you will improve personally. So will your projects.

20 Nov 2015

3 Ways to Determine Project Success

Jon Gilbertson Posted in: Business Requirements, Project Management, Success Criteria

When defining new projects, it's common to gather stakeholders, brainstorm business requirements, and document every need you hope to address.

30 Jun 2013

What is your Project Management Personality?

Suzy Rokke Posted in: Leadership, Marketing, Project Management

Use this infographic to help define a Project Manager in your life - you might be surprised at what it tells you.

1 Jun 2013

Project Management Challenge

Suzy Rokke Posted in: B2B, Business, Customer Experience, Leadership, Project Management, Support, Technology, Web Development

I’m taking a break from providing helpful hints and how-to’s to ask Project Managers to look at reality for a moment and challenge themselves.

10 Feb 2013

Duh Karen, Project Management!

Suzy Rokke Posted in: Business, Marketing, Project Management, Technology

Welcome to my first blog! What you can expect to see in the upcoming months: tidbits from the day in the life of a Project Manager, tips and tricks to making our jobs as Project Managers effortless, and insight into Project Management processes.

8 Jul 2006

activeCollab Provides Basecamp-like Project Management For Free

Phil Leitch Posted in: Business, Digital Experience, Internet, Project Management, Technology, Web, Targeted Marketing Programs, Technical Strategy

Ilija Studen, a developer based in Serbia, has released an open source project management tool called activeCollab that is strongly based on Basecamp from 37signals. Ilija was inspired by the post “Being 37signals for Free”, on Wisdump in April of this year, in which the author wondered why nobody had yet tried to duplicate the 37signals products and give them away for free or undercut their prices.