11 Oct

Gmail Support for Responsive Design Has Arrived

Darin Livdahl
Posted in: Integrated Marketing, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Google, Responsive Design

Gmail now supports embedded style sheets and media queries! What does that mean for email marketers and developers?

2 Sep

How & Why to Use Bootstrap

Sarah Mayfield
Posted in: Bootstrap, Responsive Design, Web Development

At Sundog, we always strive for consistency and efficiency – especially when it comes to web development. One of the ways we do that is by using a framework, like Bootstrap, whenever applicable.

29 Oct

6 Reasons Why Responsive Design Is Critical to User Experience (UX)

Laura Schjeldahl
Posted in: Digital Experience, Mobile, User Experience (UX), Web, Design, Responsive Design

Web design is no longer one-size-fits-all. That “size” is responsive. Of course, sometimes building a separate website or application is the best option. If you have a captive audience (e.g., intranet or portal) and know which device(s) they will be using, you can design to those specifications. But for the majority of sites built today, responsive design is the Holy Grail.

30 Sep

How to Customize Salesforce Communities

Craig Johnson
Posted in: Technology Platforms, Communities, Community Cloud, Responsive Design, Salesforce, Visualforce

Branded communities are a powerful way to increase engagement with employees, partners and customers. And Salesforce Community Cloud is one of the best platforms in the business.But can you customize it for your business? Absolutely.