9 Mar

Sundog Is a 2017 Salesforce Gold Partner: What It Means to You

Damie Berkey
Posted in: Certifications, Partners, Salesforce

At Sundog, we’re proud to, once again, be awarded the designation of Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner.

11 Jan

Understanding Lightning Component Events

Susanna Oliver
Posted in: HTML, JavaScript, Lightning, Salesforce, Web Development

Lightning components are designed to be self-contained and independent. While this is great for modular development and encapsulation, it comes at a price. That price is JavaScript. JavaScript from one component can’t talk with another, and that’s why Lightning components use events. Events handle any interaction that needs to take place between components: button clicks, modals, etc.

10 Nov

Ignite Your Indirect Sales Channels: Watch the Webcast

Jen Thompson
Posted in: B2B, Manufacturing, Marketing Cloud, partnerDRIVEN, Salesforce

Want to increase your lead generation and revenue? Or drive engagement with your partner channels?

10 Aug

3 Ways to Create Engaging Content for Instagram

Brianne Carlsrud
Posted in: Digital Experience, Content Strategy, Integrated Marketing, Social Media, Facebook, Instagram, Salesforce, Twitter

Instagram officially launched in 2010 and had one million users just two months after its launch. Currently, the social network has 500 million users and keeps on growing. (To put that growth into perspective, Twitter, which launched in 2006, only has around 320 million users).

11 May

Sundog: The Podcast 066 - partnerDRIVEN

Lon Keller
Posted in: Strategy, Business Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Insights, Data Analytics, Data Management, Data Visualization, Data Integration, Data Modeling, Data Rationalization, Data Quality, Integration, Reporting, System Architecture, Business, Certifications, Internet of Things, partnerDRIVEN, Partners, Productivity, Sales, Sales Cloud, Salesforce

Working in the manufacturing industry? You’ve got a tough job. In this episode, learn more about partnerDRIVEN – a manufacturing solution designed to simplify your partner marketing, lead management, funding and a lot more heavy lifting.