15 Feb

Journey Maps 101: Telling a Story

Dave Jones
Posted in: Strategy, Customer Journey, Personas & Segmentation, Marketing, Storytelling

Customer journeys are the hot trend in marketing – for good reason. Journey maps can outline everything from specific touchpoints to the people and technologies needed to support those interactions. The best journey mapping activities also try to account for customer actions and attitudes.

30 Jun

5 Reasons to Add Video to Your Marketing Mix

Tiffanie Honeyman
Posted in: Integrated Marketing, Digital Marketing, Video, Marketing, Online Marketing, Storytelling, Video Production, Videography

If you were given no more than a tenth of a second to make an impression on a customer or prospect, would you able to make a good impression?

According to Princeton psychologists, that’s how long it takes to form a first impression. And on top of that, researchers estimate consumers see over 300 ads per day and are becoming blind to banner ads. So how can a marketer break through? 

30 Apr

Beyond Words: Using the Power of Video to Make Your Message Clear

Jon Lundwall
Posted in: Integrated Marketing, Digital Marketing, Video, Post-Production, Shooting, Storytelling, Video Production, Writing

We’ve all encountered that moment. Someone misunderstood your email, your note, or maybe even your text message. It wasn’t because of the words you wrote. It was their interpretation of how you were saying it. While those situations can often be worked out and the tension can be eased, it may take time and careful explanation to resolve the misunderstanding.

Now take a moment to think about the voice of your brand. What is it saying?

31 May

Sundog: The Podcast 059 - The Power of Your Story

Lon Keller
Posted in: Branding, Business, Storytelling, Sundog

Sundog’s own Rob Burke recently published a white paper on using the power of telling stories to sell your company’s brand.

30 Apr

Traveling with video gear

Rob Burke
Posted in: Creative Strategy, Video, Shooting, Storytelling, Video Production, Videography

When you travel for a shoot, and must pack along all of the gear you will be using, what do you bring? One of most worrisome parts of traveling is wondering if you’re bringing the right gear. Stillmotion posted a great case study on their shoot in Africa and what they took with them.