5 Apr 2018

How to Choose the Right Support Plan for You

Sarah Mayfield Posted in: Customer Experience, Sundog, Support

Downtime and outages come with a high price, especially with ecommerce sites. And when it comes to customer experience and data security, the costs and long-term effects can be even bigger.

2 May 2016

Sundog Spotlight: Chris H.

Dani Siegel Posted in: Sundog, Sundog Spotlight

This guy is a new dad, so naturally he's a lover of all things coffee. Except one. After trying kopi luwak coffee, he highly recommends sticking to your favorite brand. Meet our latest new hire: Chris Hanson.

22 Apr 2016

Sundog Spotlight: Ashley N.

Dani Siegel Posted in: Sundog, Sundog Spotlight

This self-proclaimed "clumsy girl" was recently named our "Rookie of the Year" in the first annual Top Dog Awards. And it was more than deserved! Though she's broken her arm three (yes, three!) separate times, she's turned the tables and is now breaking ground (rather than bones) with her media strategy expertise for our clients. This gem has been a great addition to our team. And now it's time to share her spunk with all of you. Meet Ashley Nowacki.

29 Mar 2016

Sundog Spotlight: Ashley H.

Dani Siegel Posted in: Culture, Sundog, Sundog Spotlight

This lady brings not one, but two new bodies to the office. That's right, guys. She's incubating a human! When she's not doing the whole mom-thing, she races cars with her husband. (But really, how neat is that?) I have no doubt she's going to blend into our eclectic Sundog family just perfectly. Meet Ashley Hahn:

19 Jan 2016

Sundog Spotlight: Crystal

Dani Siegel Posted in: Culture, Sundog, Sundog Spotlight

This feisty, cultured, country girl is an active part of not only Sundog, but also the Fargo-Moorhead community. From occasionally hosting a local radio show to working on giant steam engines and organizing the original Downtown Fargo Zombie Pub Crawl, she’s a girl of many passions. Meet Crystal Aakre.

28 Dec 2015

What’s the Real Secret to Company Culture?

Amanda Nygaard Posted in: Business, Culture, Leadership, Sundog

Culture can make or break a company. It affects how our employees feel about coming to work. But it also influences their interactions with clients, partners, co-workers, potential customers and the community.

16 Nov 2015

10 Reasons to Love Sundog’s New Location in the Twin Cities

Jen Thompson Posted in: Culture, Sundog

Have you heard? Sundog has officially expanded with a new office in the Twin Cities. Come visit us at our new location at 5320 West 23rd Street in St. Louis Park. We’d love to show you around.

31 Aug 2015

Sundog Spotlight: Dave

Dani Siegel Posted in: Culture, Sundog, Sundog Spotlight

It's about time we get to know another Sundogger! Let's focus on a new(ish) member of our Minneapolis office and the ring leader of our marketing strategy team. He once wrote a poetry collection, which is now safely housed in the university library in Morehead, Kentucky (just in case you're really curious and feel the need to check it out). He's...Dave Jones!

6 Apr 2015


Dani Siegel Posted in: Culture, Sundog, Sundog Spotlight

She’s a familiar face to many, but she’s broken through her intern roots and is now a fulltime ‘Dogger! And if you need another reason to love her, this girl’s got design speed (and a foot made of half cadaver bone, but that’s neither here nor there). We’re talking about none other than, Katie Schalow.

12 Mar 2015


Dani Siegel Posted in: Culture, Sundog, Sundog Spotlight

This lady sure knows how to bring energy to her team and the rest of 5th floor! But when she’s not in design mode, she’s a national Ground Water Guardian for an organization that stresses on water conservation. Meet Jena LaPlante: