5 Apr 2018

How to Choose the Right Support Plan for You

Sarah Mayfield Posted in: Customer Experience, Sundog, Support

Downtime and outages come with a high price, especially with ecommerce sites. And when it comes to customer experience and data security, the costs and long-term effects can be even bigger.

1 Jun 2013

Project Management Challenge

Suzy Rokke Posted in: B2B, Business, Customer Experience, Leadership, Project Management, Support, Technology, Web Development

I’m taking a break from providing helpful hints and how-to’s to ask Project Managers to look at reality for a moment and challenge themselves.

26 Sep 2012

Updating your iOS apps to work with the iPhone 5

Craig Isakson Posted in: Mobile, Software Development, Software Maintenance, Support, Technology, Technical Strategy

The new iPhone 5 was released on September 21st. One of the most anticipated features of the phone was the inclusion of a larger screen size. There was a lot of speculation surrounding the screen size. Some thought that the screen would be the same aspect ratio with a larger screen and more pixels. This was not the case. Apple changed the aspect ratio making it 16:9 giving a final resolution of 640x1136.

12 Jun 2012

Support Like a Firefighter

Preston Sternson Posted in: Customer Experience, Support, Technology

I’ve always thought support professionals would make great firefighters in another life. I know we’re not risking our lives in burning buildings (and we should have lots of respect for those who do), but many of the skills we have are pretty similar. Let me make my case.

8 Jun 2012

What Your Website Support Team Wishes You Knew

Lee Schwartz Posted in: Support, Web Development

Website Team Leads and Project Managers, it’s time for some tough love.

8 Jun 2012

Are You Communicating Effectively in Support?

Preston Sternson Posted in: Customer Experience, Support, Technology

As I’ve outlined before, a client’s interactions with the support team often occur when something is broken. Communication during a stressful time is difficult enough - the support team’s job is to effectively communicate throughout triaging, troubleshooting, and resolving the problem. Here’s how.

30 May 2012

No News Is NOT Good News

Preston Sternson Posted in: Customer Experience, IT, Support, Technology

Whoever said, “no news is good news” wasn’t talking about support. Every client wants consistent communication throughout the issue resolution process.

24 May 2012

Why Empathy Counts

Preston Sternson Posted in: Support

Empathy should be a top priority for every support professional. As I wrote a few weeks ago, empathy is the most important skill a support professional can possess. Here’s why.

21 May 2012

Deciding What’s Most Important: Support Triaging

Preston Sternson Posted in: Support

It’s true - being a support professional is sometimes stressful. When disaster strikes and an important system goes down, we’re the ones summoned to get it fixed quickly. Our specialty is digging feet first into complicated problems.

9 May 2012

Here’s How to be a Great Support Professional

Preston Sternson Posted in: IT, Support, Technology

We recently hired a new support coordinator here at Sundog. It’s an exciting time for us and Chris seems like a cool guy so far. It also got me thinking about what it takes to be a great support professional. Here’s my short list of top skills that accomplish just that.