25 Nov

Rules of Thumb: Keeping Your Brand Promise with Digital Experience

Jason Jacobson
Posted in: Strategy, Brand Analysis, Digital Experience, Mobile, Web, Integrated Marketing, Social Media, Branding

Every strong brand adheres to a promise of quality, service, price or a combination of two.Yes, only a maximum of two.

12 Nov

Back to Basics: User Interface Design 101

Laura Schjeldahl
Posted in: Digital Experience, User Experience (UX), Web, Design, Information Architecture, UI Design, Usability, User Interface

Need a refresher course on rudimentary rules of the web? You’re not alone. (Believe me … I’ve seen virtually everything.) Here’s an important list of dos (and don’ts) to make life easier for your users.

5 Nov

Resist the Dark Side: Why You Should Avoid UX Dark Patterns

Laura Schjeldahl
Posted in: Digital Experience, User Experience (UX), Web, Dark Patterns, Online Forms

“Fear is the path to the dark side.” – YodaAfraid you won’t get the most email subscriptions? Will you do anything to get permission from your users? Worry that nobody will click your ads?

29 Oct

6 Reasons Why Responsive Design Is Critical to User Experience (UX)

Laura Schjeldahl
Posted in: Digital Experience, Mobile, User Experience (UX), Web, Design, Responsive Design

Web design is no longer one-size-fits-all. That “size” is responsive. Of course, sometimes building a separate website or application is the best option. If you have a captive audience (e.g., intranet or portal) and know which device(s) they will be using, you can design to those specifications. But for the majority of sites built today, responsive design is the Holy Grail.

24 Sep

Sundog: The Podcast 065 - Design Thinking

Lon Keller
Posted in: Digital Experience, Creative Strategy, Mobile, User Experience (UX), Web, Advertising, Branding, Design, Design Thinking, Graphic Design, Usability

Good design is more than just pretty pictures. There is a serious thought process and purpose behind every great design. On this episode, we've gathered all of our Sundog designers in one room to discuss design thinking; a creative, problem-solving process which helps people design meaningful solutions.