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3 Dec 2015

Inside the Mind of a Data Analyst: 3 Tips to Transform Analytics into Insights

Brianne Carlsrud Posted in: Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Insights, Web Analytics, Buyer Journey Optimization, Marketing Campaign Attribution, Marketing Data Transformation

Many companies realize that getting the most value from their data requires experienced analysts. However, few master the art of interpreting data and telling a meaningful story that allows others to understand the “why” behind the numbers.

13 Aug 2015

5 Secrets to Digital Marketing Success

Renee Cook Posted in: Content Strategy, Data Integration, Digital Experience, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Insights, Integrated Marketing, Integration, Marketing, Mass Media, Media Strategy, Online Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Web Analytics, Buyer Journey Optimization, Content Development, Marketing Campaign Attribution, Targeted Marketing Programs, Technical Enablement

First, let’s define what digital marketing really means. “Digital marketing” is an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to convert leads into customers.

16 Apr 2015

Salesforce: The Secret to Tracking User Adoption

Terry Luschen Posted in: Data Integration, Google, Insights, JavaScript, Salesforce, Technology, Web Analytics, Buyer Journey Optimization, Marketing Campaign Attribution, Technical Enablement

How are you measuring user adoption in Salesforce? Can you use Google Analytics to do it? Good news – absolutely.

Picture it. The big moment has arrived. You’re so excited about rolling out Salesforce to your users. Months of hard work have been spent getting ready for this day, and you know your users are going to love the new features. You have every “t” crossed and “I” dotted. And then your boss asks you to simply prove that the user adoption of Salesforce has been successful. Not by anecdotes or by the numbers of records in a given object, but by how the users are interacting with Salesforce.