Web Personalization

3 Jan 2018

4 Methods for Creating Personalized Customer Experiences

Beth Richels Posted in: Customer Experience, Digital Experience, Personalization, Web Personalization

Have you ever had a customer say, “Have you seen the Domino’s pizza tracker? That’s what I want.”

12 Dec 2017

How Marketing Cloud + Sitecore XP Could Transform Customer Experiences

Chris Kulish Posted in: Customer Experience, Events, Dreamforce, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, Sitecore, Web Personalization

What if your website knew whether your visitors had opened the last email offer you sent them? What if you could trigger an email offer to customers featuring the top products they viewed on your website? What if you could see the important interactions that customers had taken on your website, right alongside their sales histories?

5 Oct 2017

Personalization Data with Sitecore: What It Means to Marketers

Paul Bourdeaux Posted in: Sitecore, Sitecore Experience Database, Web Personalization, xDB

Personalization isn’t exactly new. In fact, it’s been used successfully in email marketing campaigns for years. At its core, the whole idea is using known data and characteristics about a prospect to present content in a way that is relevant and helpful. It could be something as simple as using their first name in an email, or it could be as complex as providing recent purchase history.

14 Jul 2016

How to Exclude Templates for Selection in Personalization Rules in Sitecore 8

Joe McNett Posted in: Sitecore, Software Development, Web Personalization

Wondering if it’s possible to only allow subfolders to be selected ­- and not the parent folder - in the Personalization Rule Set Editor in Sitecore 8? Recently one of our clients asked me the same question. Getting more and more in tune with Sitecore lately, I thought, “Oh, of course, this is possible. Right?”

23 Jun 2016

How to Customize Personalization Rules in Sitecore 8

Joe McNett Posted in: Sitecore, Software Development, Web Personalization

Have you (or one of your clients) ever wanted to limit the default Personalization Rules in Sitecore 8? If so, you've just found the right step-by-step instructions.

25 Aug 2015

5 Reasons You Need the Sitecore Experience Database

Chris Kulish Posted in: Data Analytics, Insights, Sitecore, Sitecore Experience Database, Web Personalization, xDB, Buyer Journey Optimization, Marketing Campaign Attribution

Want to fuel analytics and insights? Drive smarter business decisions? And leverage information for marketing automation? The Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) is an add-on to the Sitecore CMS that allows you to capture data from your site visitors – and do all of the above.