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At least once a year, its helpful to look at Mary Meeker’s excellent PowerPoint presentation on Technology and Internet Trends. Meeker is a managing director at Morgan Stanley and a leader of the investment bank’s global technology research team. The link above is her slide deck from the Future of Media conference presented last month in New York.

Meeker’s in-depth analysis is viewed from a global perspective, and it provides a great deal of insight into where technology and the Internet are headed. The presentation is filled with salient facts for business executives and marketing professionals, but a few I found particularly illuminating included:

• We are already moving beyond the Internet era to the Cloud era (broadband + wireless).
• In 2007, the stock return on the S&P 500 Tech has outpaced the regular S&P 500 by about 4 to 1.
• Technology is evolving faster than most businesses are able to assimilate and deploy new products and services.
• 91 percent of mobile users keep their phone within one meter of reach 24x7.
• Broadband speeds will need to increase—it takes 40x more bandwidth to stream a DVD quality movie compared with a typical mp3 file.
• China has pulled even with the United States in what is referred to as the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) index.
• Users spent 20 billion minutes on YouTube this year—a 255 percent increase over last year.
• Only 2 percent of public tech companies have created almost 100% of the wealth in that sector.

...and there is a lot more where that came from.

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