The Life & Legacy of Outlook

Susanna Oliver  |  January 29, 2015

Outlook was born in 1997 to parents Windows and Office. It has lived a long and popular life despite being the object of much debate among those who know him best. His decisions and business choices have left lasting effects on the industry making many friends and enemies.

He reached the pinnacle of his career early in life and enjoyed position, popularity, and affluence. Up until 2003, his business rendering partner was I.E., but in 2007, he made his most controversial decision in which he let his partner go and aligned himself instead with M.S. Word, a decision which proved to be disastrous for the industry at large with ripple effects even today.

Despite the public outcry from developers who were frustrated by his fickle nature and lack of industry standards, Outlook followers appeared to remain loyal to the system. Although his knowledgeable critics suspect that coercion, apathy, or simply habit were the only things keeping them from leaving.

Today, Outlook still has a strong hold on the industry and in January of 2015 was still holding on to 9% of the market share, despite a loosening hold in recent years. No one knows what the future holds for Outlook, but some are still hoping he will recant his early decisions and set things right for the future.

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