The modern Mason-Dixon line

Alright, I’ll admit it. I’ve been among the hundreds and hundreds of people who have uttered the phrase “Forget MySpace, MySpace is dead.” After seeing more recent data from Harvard (below), I realize that my assessment of MySpace’s popularity (while still second to Facebook) was, at best, provincial.

Blue states are heavily Facebook, red states heavily myspace, greens are in-between)

As published in Harvard Business Journal (March, 2010)

As you can see above, Facebook’s domination seems to be relegated to the north. And it also seems to correlate strongly with income. The three-year average income for states with significantly higher MySpace usage is more than 11,000 lower than states with significantly higher Facebook usage (See more here)

Perhaps, being the 17th most visited site in the world and with a heavily centralized demographic, MySpace shouldn’t be so easily discarded from our media plans.

Another very cool heat map of Myspace popularity:
http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2009/08/will_the_real_myspace_users_pl.html (bottom)

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