The Social Network ROI Winner? Pinterest.

I have a Pinterest page. Two boards, actually.

For some reason, that’s awkward to admit—since 80% of Pinterest users are women. But—like I did with Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, and about 10 other social networks—I set up my page just so I could see if it was useful for clients.

(Sure I did.)

It’s on fire right now, for all the right social reasons. But Pinterest has achieved a status that very few other social networks (Facebook included) has reached. It sells product.


Maybe it’s because it’s new…and the honeymoon period is still going on. The traffic is still there…it’s fresh and exciting, like any new relationship. And building things is fun! (Maintaining what you’ve already built isn’t as fun.) But since Pinterest Boards are still in the construction phase, there’s enthusiasm there that is driving Pinterest users to the stores to buy—far more than users of other social networks. It’s got the same interactive, sharing qualities as Facebook, but without the complication of caring what you say to your “friends.” It gets people enthusiastic—maybe even rejuvenated—about their passions and hobbies. Does Facebook or Twitter do that?

Like recipes? Lots of recipe geeks.
Like candles? Lots of candle geeks.
Like (feeling obligated to find a guy-related topic about now) grilling meat? Lots of grilling geeks.

Here is a great infographic to show how business-friendly Pinterest has become—really great work by the people at VisionCritical and Emily Carr University’s Alexandra Samuel.

Pinterest now has a site where you can see what is being pinned from your own site at: http://pinterest.com/source/yoursite.com/

The biggest companies in the world are now making their websites “pinnable.” If you’re managing a company website—the data is there to support following that lead. Is your company website Pinterest friendly?

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