The TODAY Show Orange Room

The TODAY Show launched in late September with a new location on the set titled, the “Orange Room.” This room is set up to blur the lines of the home viewer experience with the morning show and create an interactive element. Carson Daly hosts the Orange Room where he connects with home viewers through video conferencing and social media.

I have enjoyed watching Carson grow into his role, as well as how the Orange Room is taking shape and integrating social media into the show. I personally enjoy listening to Carson when he shares a story as the foundation and ties social into a part of that report. I find the show a little inconsistent when Carson jumps in to other stories only to report the social media mentions.

This job looks easy but as Tamron Hall took over the Orange Room one week while Carson was out, she found out running the room wasn’t as easy as it looked. When she went to the touch screen to pull up an image she had prepped and found, the screen failed to show the image she requested. She then tweeted about the incident and viewers responded with their support. To be in this position, you have to have reporting skills but also social media skills to find the right content and tie it into the story appropriately with the right balance. Carson does this well.

This idea of connecting the TV show with its viewer is a great way to blur the lines between offline and online worlds. With any new project, it must be executed professionally and creatively without crossing the line of being cheesy and not valuable. It will be important for The Today Show to find the right mix and balance as they continue to move forward.

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