The Webcentric World Of B2B Marketing

There has been a sizable shift to an online marketing emphasis in many company budgets in the last several years, and according to results of a new study from B-to-B Magazine (2008 Marketing Priorities and Plans), that shift is continuing unabated. The B-to-B world is rapidly reorganizing around a webcentric nucleus because that model still has all the advantages of the old analog world of marketing, along with a host of advantages that can only be realized in a “digitally-remastered” new marketing universe.

B-to-B company’s are finding webcentric marketing is a powerful agent for success because it serves as a hub and integrator for a whole range of marketing tools that can be more easily focused, coordinated, optimized and empowered using a company’s web presence as a polestar for marketing activities. The components that can feed and interact with a company’s Web presence include online marketing, traditional offline marketing, lead generation, CRM systems, email marketing, dealer integration, internal integration, social networking and other customer interactions.

Management and board-of-directors are demanding validation from large marketing budgets. It seems that many B-to-B companies are looking to a webcentric model to corral this once onerous task into a manageable system that provides the powers that be with metrics and dashboards that demonstrate the results of marketing activities.

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