Top 5 awesomely horrible websites

Ben Myhre  |  July 10, 2012

Sundog is a company that helps create some very beautiful and functional websites, but sometimes beauty is not necessarily represented by traditional norms. In the movie industry, there are terrible movies like Plan 9 from Outer Space, the Toxic Avenger and Evil Dead that are recognized as terrible movies…. or awesomely terrible movies. Websites are no different. There are some websites that are so terrible in design or implementation that they deserve to be noted as awesomely horrible. Here are the top 5 most awesomely horrible websites:

5. Berkshire Hathaway – It is hard to dispute the monetary power of Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffet, but certainly they could afford someone to design their website. While the site is simple, and actually probably fairly functional, the thought of a ridiculously wealthy company with such a ridiculously plain website places on my list of the top 5 awesomely horrible website designs.

4. Worlds Worst Website – These guys attempted to make a terrible website and I am sure it is to make a few bucks from Google Adsense. It looks like they have accomplished what they were searching to do. This website has terrible graphics placed all over the page in a random splattered fashion. It is as though 90’s web design vomited on a page and the Worlds Worst Website was born!

3. M.I.A Bad Girls Website – This is not really a complete website, but more of an introduction page, or splash page, to sell a necklace USB. It shows a page with several pictures of the product, however, if it didn’t say “USB NECKLACE” in large green lettering, I would have never known what it is. There is even a video in the middle of the page that seems to show the necklace swinging around, but the user can never even see the product as it is covered by a large, bright green “BUY IT” button. When you click on the button, it brings the user to a checkout page to presumably buy the USB Necklace.

2. Arngren – Well, it is in foreign language, so I am unable to read much of what is being written, but I don’t think it will be contested that no matter what language this is in… it is ugly. It has an overload of product and makes the user scroll to the right in order to see everything. If you manage to make it to the bottom of the page, there is a nice Christmas montage waiting for you in the middle of July. Arngren makes number two on our top five most awesomely horrible websites of all time.

1. Lings Cars – Number one on our list is Lings Cars. Ling leases cars and works very hard on this awesomely terrible and over the top website. All of the flashy, colorful, blinky things on this page could blind a person. This is one beauty of a website, but there are some wonderful nuggets of humor hidden in this hot mess. If you scroll down just a tad, you can catch a view of Ling Vader and her visual representation of the car leasing version of Star Wars. Further down on the left, there are some images of the movie, Titanic, with Ling’s face photo shopped onto Kate Winslet’s mug. The number of little comedy nuggets just go on and on and that is why this website has secured the number one slot.

Now that we have looked at 5 awesomely bad websites, perhaps you now have a better idea on what NOT to do on your own website. While some of these ideas may be working for the individuals and sites that are linked to, it will not work for most businesses and really…. who wants to be best known for creating artistic and functional abominations of an entire industry?

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