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Lon Keller

Senior Editor & Studios Team Lead

Video on the Web is a Standard Expectation

Recently, comScore released new data from its Video Metrix service. In November 2008, U.S. internet users watched 12.7 billion videos, an increase of 34% from one year ago. What’s more amazing is that 77% of all Americans that use the internet watch online videos.

Of course, the recent election was a major factor in spiking online viewership for that period. While YouTube is still the 800 pound gorilla, serving up 40% of all videos watched, Hulu.com was able to maintain its #6 position following the surge of new eyeballs in October.

comScore also reported the duration of the average online video was 3.1 minutes. Based upon my personal experience with video on the internet, that’s probably a good estimate. After about 3 minutes, I get tired of seeing the word “buffering” and move on. I wonder how fast that number would climb if serious efforts are made to give everyone access to some decent bandwidth ... (tap, tap, tap) ... Hello? FCC? Is this thing on?

Video on the internet is no longer a novelty, but a method of communication that people have come to expect.

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