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What Does The Future Hold For Content?

It is that time of year again when experts role out their predictions for the year ahead. These are always useful for people in business as they provide a way to make sure business and marketing priorities align with where things seem to be headed.

With regard to content and content marketing, there is a wealth of information available on what we can expect in 2011. The future can be capricious, that is part of what makes predictions so much fun! Regardless, there are certainly many possibilities to consider when planning ahead.

At the bottom of this post are three different prediction list links that may prove insightful. I have summarized some of the highlights in these points below:

  • Mobile. This was by far the most frequently mentioned term for 2011. According to many thought leaders, mobile content will be big. And along with that mobile content will come a focus on mobile specific sites, mobile video and location–based mobile programs.
  • Video. Video content will continue to explode.
  • Content will get shorter and become more relevant.
  • Companies will begin to realize that it is much better to let customers share their stories, instead of trying to control the message. These stories will spread whether companies choose to participate or not in the channels being used. Trying to “control” the message is useless.
  • “Likes” will continue to be important, in fact, one thought leader refers to likes as the new “links.”
  • Brands will continue to become more like media companies.
  • “In” words: incremental, continual, libraries, repositories, resources
  • “Out” words: campaign, targeting, response

Happy New Year and enjoy the excitement of what 2011 might bring! If you have any predictions of your own, please let us know.

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