What email clients should I test on?

Susanna Oliver  |  January 30, 2015

The email landscape has changed dramatically over the last several years. Two years ago, Outlook was still holding on to 20% of the market share despite mobile’s increasing influence. Now, Outlook is down to 9% and Gmail has doubled its popularity to 16% of the market share.

NOTE: These statistics are based on open rates which can only be tracked when images are loaded. Gmail used to block images by default and now allows images to load by default which probably contributed to its apparent growth.

Top Ten…With One Catch

Email Client Market Share keeps a running tally of the top ten email clients and mobile applications. This list is a great place to start your testing, but make sure you also understand your own unique audience. If your audience is young people, most likely you’ll see a higher mobile demographic than if your audience is middle-age, non-technical folks.

Know your audience and understand what they want. You want your emails to look good, but also to be practical and useful for your audience to engage with. No matter how stunning an email looks and regardless of how perfectly cross-client it is, if the content is not relevant and interesting to your audience, they won’t engage with it.

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