What’s the Real Secret to Company Culture?

Amanda Nygaard  |  December 28, 2015

Culture can make or break a company. It affects how our employees feel about coming to work. But it also influences their interactions with clients, partners, co-workers, potential customers and the community.

The Popular Perks

A simple Google search on how to improve corporate culture will get you a plethora of ideas. Ask around your office, and I’m sure you’ll get an abundance of suggestions on how your workplace could be more fun and how the culture could be improved, too. Many of these suggestions may include things like:

  • Summer hours with ½ day Fridays
  • Contests
  • Outings and social opportunities
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Free coffee and snacks
  • Company lunches

Do those perks sound like they’d make you happier to be at work? Probably. Here at Sundog, we have those things. Do they make me happy to be at work? Sure. But would I still like coming to work without many of those things? Yes. (Um, really? Yes. Really.)

The Real Secret to Sundog’s Culture

Our culture at Sundog is one to be rivaled. We’ve won awards and accolades. When I tell people where I work, they say things like, “You guys get free pop and candy,” or “I’ve heard you do a lot of fun stuff,” or “Didn’t you win Best Place to Work?”

I always respond with, “Yes, but …”

But there is so much more than pop, snacks, the Starbucks machine, the gumball machine, the movie theatre popcorn, the RedHawks games, golfing at the Moorhead Country Club and the annual Ballard’s weekend.

There are people. We have people who would give you anything in your time of need. People who will cook meals for you and bring them to your house when you’re sick. People who will run your meetings and do your work if you have a family emergency. We have people who gift their PTO to help out other colleagues in need. People who will listen to your struggles and genuinely want
to help. People who want you to succeed and will help mentor you to the top. The bottom line? We have people who care.

A Different Kind of Family

You might think, “Doesn’t everyone care?” Quite frankly, no. I’ve personally worked many places where people come in and punch a time clock to get paid.

The difference? Around here, it isn’t just our job. It’s our family. You heard me right – family. While we don’t go home and sit down for dinner together, we are still a family. We have each others’ backs and support each other every day. And that has the power to change everything.

So if your company can attract and keep passionate people who genuinely care, not only about their work … but about each other?

That is what will truly make your organization a great place to work with – and great to work for.

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