Where’s the Brief?

Jena LaPlante  |  May 18, 2016

Everyone loves the iconic “Where’s the BEEF?” commercials from Wendy’s, which became famous in the 1980s. But here is a better question when dealing with your business:

wheres the brief?

“Where’s the Brief?”

First things first… what’s a design brief?

Meat of the Matter

Let’s take a closer look at what a brief is and what it does:

  • Your design brief outlines the business objectives and corresponding design strategies for a project.
  • Strategically, it gets everyone thinking about design solutions. In other words, a brief will encourage you to process what you really need from a project.
  • Briefs also address your competition, current industry trends and timelines.

In fact, a well-prepared brief is truly a critical starting point for any design.

The Secret Sauce: 6 Characteristics of Every Good Brief

1. Keep it BRIEF.

Short and sweet, this document is an overview of your industry, market and product/service – summed up in just 1-2 pages. That’s why it’s called a brief.

2. Who are your competitors?

We need to know your top competition, so we can set you apart.

3. Who is the audience?

There is a big difference between talking to teenagers and talking to executives. Give us specific details.

4. State the budget and timeline.

Tell us what we’re working with, so we can deliver the most bang for your buck.

5. What’s your main goal?

Increase website traffic? Change a perspective? Sell a product or service? Let us know. It will help us create an obvious call-to-action.

6. What are the support points?

What’s going to make the audience believe what we are trying to say?

Now Let’s Make It Sizzle

Remember, a good designer’s job isn’t about just making it pretty. It’s important to know who and what you’re designing for – and a clear creative brief gives us all of the information we need.

So if a design starts to fall flat, stop and ask yourself: where’s the BRIEF? It just might be the best way to ensure your project turns out perfectly … wait for it … well done.

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