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YouTube Challenged by Justin.tv

Earlier this year, NielsenWire surprised the online video world when it reported Justin.tv viewers watched an average of 170 minutes per month while YouTube viewers came in averaging 95 minutes. More recently, Evan Solomon, Justin.tv’s VP of Marketing told Beet.tv their strong growth is continuing to average 32 hours of new video uploaded every minute.

Not bad considering that in March of 2007, Justin.tv began when founder Justin Kan attached a webcam to his baseball hat and began a 24/7 live webcast of his life. Five months later, Justin.tv opened a network to the public, and grew its member-base to 30,000 accounts just one year after Kan first put that camera on his hat.

YouTube, still regarded as the 800-pound gorilla of the online video world, has also recognized the popularity and power of this medium as it recently conducted limited trials of a new live streaming platform. Live video on the internet is no longer a novelty, as cable and satellite providers are keenly aware.

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