Innovation for Tomorrow

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Today 3M innovates and produces more than 16,000 products from Post-It® notes to Littman® Stethoscopes.

It's a $30+ billion leader, operating in more than 70 countries and delivering goods to every corner of the globe.

Solutions flexible enough to scale, rigid enough to repeat.

The Challenge: Drilling Down & Scaling Up

Recognizing the advantages of marketing automation, 3M asked Sundog to develop a pilot and strategy for select products within its Manufacturing, Automotive and Healthcare divisions.

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The Background:
Audit Before Automation

Where to start?

We conducted an audit, focusing our efforts online to find gaps, add conversion steps, and then identify, score and nurture leads. All while developing strategies that could apply across divisions.

The Approach: Lead the Way

“We implemented a lead-to-revenue management model – measuring the first point of interaction all the way to the sale. What pages did you look at? Did you request a sample or demo? How big is your business or budget? Did you click through an email or Google ad? From there, we developed a routing process with 3M to prioritize prospects and connect them with the right people. Hot leads received follow up. Lukewarm leads went into a series of nurture campaigns.“ Jennifer Lefor, Director of Account Management

The Pilot: Better Website, Forms & Emails

“Starting with five audience personas, we began looking at how to enhance the website. When you work with an existing site as large as 3M's, it’s important to be considerate of the brand and standards in place. But starting simple and applying best practices, we made a big impact on the user experience and lead conversions. Small changes make a really big difference." Laura Schjeldahl, Experience Architect

Next came email nurture campaigns, which leveraged existing marketing assets and videos. All the elements worked together to lead users to the next step on the customer journey. Based on their interactions, users received follow-up emails – customized for the products they were interested in and for their lead score.

The Results: Launch, Succeed, Repeat

Are there a lot of moving parts with marketing automation? Absolutely. But applying the process to other divisions and products only gets easier – with bigger and better results.

Increased conversion rate by 2.32%
Increased opportunities to leads from 3% to 23%
Improved cost per lead by over 75%

Perpetual progress and repeatable success

“That’s the great thing about a pilot. You focus on the process and success. When it’s over, you reflect on ways to improve next time. Even with new products and strategies, every iteration gets better. It’s perpetual progress and repeatable success.” Eric Dukart, Chief Operating Officer