+Bobcat Company

Tackling the Tough Stuff

Tough. Tested. Trusted. That's what Bobcat Company - and our work together - is all about.

Bobcat is a global manufacturer of compact equipment with 1,000 dealers in more than 100 countries worldwide. Designed for rugged jobs, the company sells skid steer loaders, excavators, farm implements, attachments and other equipment.

"Do. Learn. Do again, better.
Bobcat has seen its cost per customer cut in half. What started as a website project over a decade ago has become one of our most successful and tenured relationships." Bobbiann Froemke, Senior Account Manager

The Challenge: Big Company, Big Dealers, Big Data

The only job as tough as the ones tackled by Bobcat equipment?

Making sure a complex network of dealers – and customers – have everything they need. And making sure that a lot of moving parts seamlessly work together.

Bobcat: Mobile Website Design

The Approach: Tools for Heavy Lifting

Over the years, our work for Bobcat has included a redesigned website and fully integrated digital marketing campaigns, social platforms and back-end systems – including building a dealer collaboration platform powered by Salesforce.

“For Bobcat, it’s about giving dealers tools and resources – leads, market share data, comparative spec sheets, build-it-yourself ads, quote-to-order systems and more. Not only did we determine the best way to share those tools, we organized and integrated processes around customer data – leads, accounts, contacts and opportunities. Dealers, corporate account managers and customer service staff all collaborate seamlessly through the Salesforce Community.” David Stone, Senior Analyst

Bobcat: Create and Conserve Campaign

The Campaign: Create and Conserve™

When it comes to our integrated digital campaigns, there’s a long list. But a recurring favorite is the Bobcat Company Create and Conserve contest.

This annual event, in partnership with the Outdoor Channel Beyond the Hunt’s co-hosts Rick and Julie, began in 2013. Bobcat saw a sponsorship opportunity to focus on conservation while connecting with landowners in rural areas.

To drive the campaign together, we delivered:

  • Social media strategy, custom tabs and ads
  • Campaign strategy with two partner agencies
  • Custom landing and registration webpages
  • Email marketing
  • Media placement and tracking
  • Marketing automation with lead capturing, scoring and routing
  • Video strategy and full studios production
  • Web analytics and social listening

So far in 2015, our Facebook reach per post is nearly four times Bobcat’s original goal.

"Everything comes back to data. Print ads, banner ads, social ads, Google Ad words, email click-throughs, YouTube hits, landing page traffic and activity on the website are all monitored. And it’s not just about testing one execution. We’re always split-testing creative and placement to constantly produce better content that connects.” Brianne Carlsrud, Insights Analyst