+Otter Tail Power Company

Power of Partnership

At Sundog, we're in it for the long haul. It's why some of our clients have been with us for more than a decade.

In fact, Otter Tail Power Company is one of our longest partnerships, spanning over 15 years. The company provides electricity to more than 100,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in over 400 communities in Minnesota and the Dakotas.

"In the agency world, you don’t see many relationships that last beyond a few years. Today we’re strategic partners for creative, design, video production, media placement, web architecture and analytics. Ultimately, I think that’s because we’ve always delivered what they needed – when they needed it." Jason Jacobson, Creative Strategist

The Challenges: Changing with the Times

At the beginning, Otter Tail Power Company was simply looking for video services. Our studios team delivered high-quality production and bottom-line results.

Since then, we've partnered to increase participation in conservation programs, improve website usability and much more. Our teams work together to measure it, monitor it and make it better every time.

Otter Tail: Video Work Behind the Scenes

The Campaign Example: Put Your Paper to Better Use

When it comes to campaigns, one recent success focused on paperless billing – using primarily digital and radio advertising. As a conservation effort, Otter Tail encouraged customers to sign up for ePay. For each enrollment, $3 was donated to a local nonprofit.

In the first month alone, enrollment jumped by over 1,000 participants – and helped fund regional organizations serving kids, wildlife and the hungry.

Otter Tail: Laptop View of Campaign

“We’re always striving to improve user experience. My favorite part of working with the Otter Tail Power Company team is their dedication – both to user testing and utilizing data to make smart decisions. Using monthly analytics in conjunction with usability tests, we continue to renovate, prioritize and deliver solutions to make their site more engaging.” Laura Schjeldahl, Experience Architect

The Website & Social: Amping Up Collaboration

The tools of the trade involve custom usability studies, wireframes, web analytics and more. But that’s only one side of the digital equation.

We develop and deliver insights as Otter Tail Power Company’s partner for social media strategy, listening and campaign analysis, too.

Otter Tail: Analytics on the Rise

We don’t just deliver an analytics dashboard and walk away.

"Otter Tail doesn’t just want to hear how their website and social are performing. They want to know what the conversation is around their brand and industry, and stay connected with their customers and community as a whole. They want to take action. It means a lot to feel that trust, make recommendations, and see the impact to their marketing results.” Brianne Carlsrud, Insights Analyst