+Sanford Health

Next Horizon for Healthcare

Meet Sanford Health – the nation’s largest nonprofit, rural healthcare system.

With 43 hospitals in nine states and three countries, 80 specialties and over 27,000 employees, the stakes don’t get much bigger. Neither do the challenges.

“In healthcare, the audience can be anyone. The need can be anything. Joy, wonder, grief, fear and triumph all happen within the walls every hour of every day. We proved that you can be an expert without being sterile or cold – and that even the biggest healthcare systems are filled with personal stories.” Kerry Shelton, Director of Multimedia

The Challenge: New Connections & New Community

At Sundog, our relationship with Sanford Health began when the healthcare system entered the Fargo-Moorhead market – its second largest to date.

The goal? Create an immediate presence and strengthen connections using traditional media. Digital. Social. Apps. You name it.

We delivered from every angle.

Sanford: Example of Provider Billboard

The Background: From Media to Market

Sanford Health sought 6 impressions per person per week for $18 CPM. We delivered 15 impressions per person per week for $7 CPM, working hand-in-hand to place their designs for billboards, print and more. (Yes, that’s more than twice the impressions. For less than half the cost.)

The Approach: Create a New Voice

Listen first, speak second. At Sundog, that’s our motto. And we use the same approach to help clients get to know their customers and patients.

Through social listening, we assessed Sanford’s brand health, monitored brand mentions, explored patient interests and tracked competitor activities. We asked: who are we really talking to? How do we best engage their patients? The answer was creating a new corporate presence across major social channels.

Social Media

“You wouldn’t talk to an expecting mother the same way you’d speak to someone diagnosed with cancer. But on social, any audience can see your posts. So we created a single brand persona – a nurse – to breathe life into their social presence. Warm, positive, knowledgeable and genuine. This character made Sanford a brand you’d feel comfortable talking to.” Jason Jacobson, Creative Strategist

Next came training more than 20 employees across multiple disciplines, who became “trust agents,” and empowering them to share their passion on Twitter and Facebook. We also built custom dashboards so Sanford could monitor their key indicators – every step of the way.

Listening analytics showed overall brand mentions increased 72%. Facebook images increased engagement by 75% and Facebook advertising for specific doctors increased patient visits 30%.

The Next Step: Apps for Different Audiences

We later teamed up with Sanford Health and WebMD to help create fit™, a suite of resources to empower children, parents and teachers to make healthy choices and take a stand against childhood obesity.

Sanford: FIT Mobile App
Sanford: Emoodicam Screens from FIT Mobile App
Sanford: Tablet View of App

That included developing Fit2Draw – an app using GPS tracking to create drawings based on movements like walking, running and biking.

In addition, Sanford asked us to develop a mobile app for a very different audience – their executives. Since they fly all over the country for annual meetings, board members often transport sensitive, 400+ page documents. Our app built with Salesforce.com gave them access to up-to-the-minute, easy-to-use, portable and secure information – complete with customized permissions for different departments and editors.