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Driven to Deliver

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The Schwan Food Company is the largest direct-to-home food delivery provider in the U.S.

In fact, the $3 billion corporation produces and markets frozen foods to grocers, schools and hospitals, including brands such as Red Baron®, Freschetta®, Mrs. Smith’s®, Edwards® and Pagoda®.

"Our first goal was creating a partner community to make processes streamlined, flexible and repeatable."

Johnathon Rademacher, Chief Technology Officer

The Challenge: Serving Complex Needs

Imagine different pricing layers for different customers in 48 states, from warehouse buyers to restaurants to lunch ladies at your local elementary school. Multiply that by 400 products. Now add different warehouses and distributors.

Sound complicated? That’s just the beginning.

Schwan: 400 Products with Different Pricing

“Schwan’s had a basic portal for marketing promotions and rebates, but regional sales managers didn’t have visibility into leads and sales forecasting was a struggle. Plus, campaigns had to be manually rebuilt every time. So our first goal was creating a partner community to make those processes streamlined, flexible and repeatable.” Johnathon Rademacher, Chief Technology Officer

The Background: More Ingredients in the Mix

The company also needed a public website that was easier to maintain and fully integrated with their SAP database for products and recipes. Since food products are regulated by the FDA, any change to a single ingredient can alter the entire purchasing decision.

And every change needs to be updated everywhere – instantly.

Schwan: View of Partner Community

The Community: Bringing Everyone to the Table

We created a partner portal, powered by Salesforce, to serve up the right data for brokers, distributors, warehouses and operators.

Our approach? Give users what they need – and don't make them deal with what they don’t.

That meant creating a centralized information hub, integrating data from different systems, and delivering a visually branded interface and reliable system for wholesale transactions.

The Results

  • Increased sales productivity
  • Reduced time and labor to launch marketing campaigns
  • Reduced costs and data entry

The Website: From Mobile to Menu Planning

Responsive design. CMS. HTML5. Integration.
Check done.

We redesigned Schwan's Food Service website, fully integrating data from SAP and Salesforce.com so any product changes in the database appear instantly online.

From creative to UX to web development, we also built product microsites, developed new menu planning tools, and created campaigns with lead nurturing using ExactTarget.

Schwan: Tablet View of Website Redesign

“Since there was no CMS and the old website wasn’t integrated with SAP, it was a Herculean effort every time a recipe changed or product was added. Sundog gave Schwan’s a website that was much easier and more efficient to maintain. Ultimately, we consolidated a lot of complex systems to create simple, personalized experiences – which is pretty sweet.” Megan Stocker, Account Manager